Five Things for Friday

Me and Shawn, Poolside

1. On Memorial Day Shawn and I went to the drugstore for sunscreen before a day of laying by the pool. We left with sunscreen, pool floaties, and these sa-weet new hats! They we’re on sale for $10. As a joke I tried one on and actually liked it, so I bought it! I made Shawn get one too, so we could both be dorks. Hello summer!

My favorite breakfast

2. This is my absolute, favorite breakfast of all time. Eggs over-easy, bacon, wheat toast, and avocado. I make it most weekends, and if we go out to breakfast I order it the same way but might add in potatoes. It’s just…perfect.

scratched lens

3. See that gigantic scratch on that lens? Ahhh! Can’t believe I did that! I was taking pictures of these s’mores, and went to grab something with the camera slung on my shoulder and the lens glass hit the corner of the granite. I didn’t even notice I did it. Shawn did…along with some sticky marshmallow stuck to the side of the camera so it was obvious it was me. You guys, I panicked. PANICKED! The lens I use is kind of crazy expensive since we use it for our videography business too. I almost fainted, until Shawn said, “Good thing I have a lens protector on this thing.” And he casually unscrewed this glass cap protector. Thank GOD! Lifesaver. Already ordered a new one to replace the scratched one.

scratched lens 2

If you’re a photographer and want to get one to protect your glass, we buy this one (affiliate link, thanks for the love). To know which mm number you need, look for that number the red arrow is pointing to on your lens. Ours is 82mm. It’s so worth it! If that gets scratched, it’s WAY cheaper and easier to replace than your whole lens. Learn from my mistake friends!

4. Feel like a laugh? Shawn is almost 27 (in 1 month) and he still get’s carded all. the. time. Not just for alcohol. He’s gotten carded for R rated movies…recently. And you only need to be 17 for those! It makes him so mad, and of course makes me laugh way too much. Here’s a little video I shot after he got carded last Friday for buying a 6 pack of beer:

5. Wanna see more funny videos? My dog Lou is YouTube famous! He does this funny thing where if you put him over the water, he starts paddling even though he’s not in the water yet. I shot this funny video of my sister giving him a bath way back in 2008, and it currently has 125,000+ views:

I thought that was kind of impressive, but wait until you hear this! My sister and I were playing around on YouTube, and I just searched “Funny Dog” and this video that currently has over 23,000,000 views was the top hit. Recognize the 2nd dog in the compilation?

Isn’t that too funny?! Can’t believe over 23 million people have seen Lou’s funny water behavior. Who knew Lou was so famous? But let’s not tell him, or he’ll become an even bigger bed hog.

Lovely comments so far...

  1. says

    Lovin’ those hats! I bought one last year at the end, tried it on for a joke then loved it! They’re so nice for at the beach or pool! Or hell, to wear out to lunch and be all fancy. That’s too funny Shawn got carded for a movie and he’s nearly 27!! Too funny!! Thank goodness for that lens protector, you had me worried just reading it, so I can’t imagine how you felt before you found out about the protector!

    Have a nice weekend Natalie!!

    • says

      Aren’t those hats fun? I actually really like the one I got. Protects my face so I don’t have to worry about being all wrinkled when I’m older. It’s floppy too, so I can easily throw it in a suitcase without ruining it. Kind of obsessed! Isn’t that so funny about Shawn. After people card him, and they can tell he’s mad, they always say, “It’s just because you have a baby face” and that makes him even madder! Haha! SO glad we have that lens protector. Phew!

      Have a great weekend friend!

  2. says

    Nat, you make me laugh all the time. No words can express how much I L.O.V.E your Friday posts. I love, love, love. I am sorry for your lens, but happy you got the lens protector. And your dog are so so so cute. Have a wonderful weekend ;-)

  3. says

    What a great post Natalie, sounds like Lou’s a pretty big star. Had myself quite a chuckle watching the videos. Cute hats!

  4. says

    I think I should learn my lesson from you. And go out right now and order lens protectors. Why haven’t I done that? Whew! Better get on that.
    Love the ‘dork’ hat look. I like it on me too. :- )
    Our dog does the same thing. Too funny!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. says

    OMG, i would have fainted if i did that to my lens. I don’t have a lens protector on, ordering one asap. Cute hats and that breakfast….. oh that breakfast!!! Enjoy your weekend dahhhhling :)

  6. says

    Nathalie, that video is SO hilarious! It’s funny how some of the dogs love the water and the others hide under the bed! So glad your camera ‘disaster’ wasn’t such a disaster after all and … LOVE that brekky! I love avocados with eggs and bacon … my favourite too! Have a great weekend!

  7. says

    Oh my gosh i had to flinch when I saw your camera lens. That had to have been so scary!
    I’ve only been photographing for around 2 years but my 2nd 50 MM lens broke this week (autofocus just keeps chugging). I think i might have to invest in a better one this time around!

  8. says

    Oh wow, good thing you had that on your lens! I’m almost 26 and still get carded for R rated movies I know how he feels haha. Those dog videos are too cute, thanks for sharing!

  9. says

    Great idea about the lens protector! I’ve had my tripod lose its balance one and fall -luckily it landed in the soft grass! But I should really look into one of those! And that dog video!! haha nothing better than our furry friends to put a smile on your face :)

    • says

      So glad there was that lens protector on there. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if I had ruined that lens! Phew!

  10. says

    Haha lovin those hats, you and Shawn are adorable! Yay for lens protectors and funny doggy videos – totally put a smile on my face :) Hope you’re having an awesome weekend so far!

  11. says

    Aww, poor Shawn! My husband has had the opposite problem: he’s had a 5 o’clock shadow (more like noon shadow, let’s be honest) and/or a full beard since he was 15, so he was offered beers out with his parents when he was still in high school. He didn’t partake, of course — but, you know. The offer was there! :)

    Love the dog video. Too funny!

  12. says

    Oh I love the hats. I have an obnoxiously huge sun hat that my husband hates. He says I look ridiculous but I adore it. It is kind of ceremonial thing to drag it out of the closet every year. It means summer has officially begun! :)

  13. Sarah@WholeandHeavenlyOven says

    I literally cringed when I saw that ginormous scratch on your lens. Hooray for lens protectors! I gotta get myself one of those! And Lou? AHHH!! I can’t handle the cuteness! That’s so amazing that he’s practically famous now. :)

  14. says

    Your dog video is too cute!! I’ve always wanted to make my cat a youtube celebrity, but I never seem to catch his cute behavior on camera. I think I need to get a lens cap asap! Thank goodness you guys had one on there, that must have been so scary!

  15. says

    Oh my gosh your pup is so cute!!! And that compilation video is HILARIOUS. My dog LOVES outdoor baths with the hose, but try to get him near the tub and he squeals like a baby. Luckily it’s warm enough for outdoor baths 98% of the year here!

  16. says

    So now I need to go out and buy a lens protector! Yikes!
    I also struggle with the baby-face syndrome… I just turned 24 and I was in the mall recently and the security guard asked for my ID because you can’t be in the mall without a parent after 6PM if you’re under SIXTEEN. It’s good to know I’m not the only one!

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