Five Things for Friday

1. Ok friends, I need your opinion! Shawn and I can’t agree on something, and I would love your input! Here’s the situation:

Shawn and I are going to Hawaii in August, and are filming a wedding the Saturday we get back that is about 3 hours away from home. We’ll be leaving to drive to film the wedding around 9:30am that Saturday, and staying in a hotel overnight. The flight home from Hawaii lands at 11:30pm.

-One of us thinks we’re fine to leave Hawaii that Friday, get home at 11:30pm Friday night, then drive out of town Saturday morning. Flights from Hawaii to Oakland, CA are rarely delayed. Where we’re staying in Hawaii is for free, and it would be better to get a whole extra day of vacation.

-One of us thinks it’s too risky, and cutting it too close to get home Friday night. If the flight gets delayed or cancelled, we have no other way of making it home, and could miss filming this persons wedding and breach our contract. It would be better to get home Thursday night rather than risk it, even though it means we’ll only have a 7 night vacation instead of 8 nights.

Help! What would you guys do? I won’t tell you who thinks what so you can’t be biased, and I’ll let you know what we decide to do next week. Can you tell one of us is more cautious, and one of us assumes everything will always be fine? We definitely balance each other out.

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

2. We went to Lake Tahoe over the weekend with a bunch of friends and had the best time! On Saturday everyone went skiing, but since Shawn and I didn’t get season passes this year we spent Saturday driving around Lake Tahoe. We went to Emerald Bay for the first time. So gorgeous!

Dinner Friday Station, Lake Tahoe

3. While in Tahoe we went out to some great restaurants and ate the best food. All the guys wore plaid. It was hilarious. Whenever Shawn and I go to a restaurant that serves oysters we must order them. We’re obsessed. We ordered some on Friday night, and got to share them with our friends (who also happen to be our cousins, love when family makes a great friend) Ashley and Bryan. It was their first oyster. Do you guys love oysters as much as us?

Eating Oysters

4. Want to see some more cute dog videos? Of course you do! This is a pretty perfect glimpse into what the 3 of them do all day: Jake and Max play wrestling on the bed while Lou watches and yawns.

And here are Jake and Max chewing on two ends of a gigantic stick they found outside and decided to bring inside.

Max now fully feels like a part of the family. But he definitely gets into trouble. I was laughing so hard when I got this text from Shawn yesterday:

Funny dog fail text

5. Did you guys see this AMAZING Wheel of Fortune puzzle solve? Holy moly! That might be the best guess I’ve ever seen!

Happy Friday friends!

Lovely comments so far...

  1. says

    Oh my gosh, your dog is like my dog. Always getting into trouble…and destroying undies and socks! Little devils!
    Ok..on the flight. DO NOT RISK IT. EVERY single time that me and the hubs have flown, we have been delayed or cancelled.
    The worst was our honeymoon when our plane was supposed to leave at 6am and we didn’t leave until noon. and then had 5 minutes to make our layover and we had to book it to the gate at the next airport, amazing race style. WORST

  2. says

    Hi Natalie, cute dog videos. Regarding the flight, sorry I’m with Taylor, but I would not risk it. That’s when something always happens.

  3. says

    I say don’t risk it. Rather play it safe than be sorry. Looks like you had a great time on your trip to Lake Tahoe . I love it up there, can’t wait to visit again. Natalie, you look great in all your pictures too. I love the almost matching shirts on all the guys :)

  4. says

    As much as I want to travel to Hawaii (which is much) it would feel like to much of a risk to spend the extra day and get back that close to the wedding.
    Good luck with making your decision. I know that’s a tough one!
    P.S. Wish I shared your love for oysters. My great ocean love is crab. Mmmmm…..

  5. says

    I’m a natural worrywart, but I like to think that helps me avoid disastrous situations . . . and I would definitely cut the vacation by a day and get home early. If it were me, I’d be so worried about the flight situation at the end of the trip that it would impact my enjoyment! Better to err on the side of safety and just not have to worry about it at all. Seven nights in Hawaii is still pretty dang awesome. :)

    And yay, Lake Tahoe! We were only there for two nights in 2012, but I’m dying to go back. What a gorgeous place. Love all the plaid on the guys . . . so funny!

  6. says

    Natalie if it were me I would so want to be there that extra day of vacation! However, if it is a big commitment, maybe it would be the best thing to leave with the extra day of time. Of course nothing will happen if you leave that day early, however if you don’t leave that extra time, that’s when something happens and delays you to that commitment. Anywho hard decision! Lake Tahoe looks stunning on my bucket list!! Yes I did see that wheel of fortune thing, crazy on so many levels! Happy Friday :)

  7. says

    I’m always super cautious, so I’m in the “Leave Thursday Night” camp. You will have 7 glorious nights, which is oh-so-awesome!

    Your pups are SO cute. And that Max is a sneaky little beast…and it’s like he know he’s got good looks to get him out of nearly any situation!

    New Baby Buggy! That guess was insane. So awesome!

  8. Susan Micali says

    I’m also in the too risky corner. You’re establishing your reputation in a new business and can’t afford to damage it. Plus put yourself in the bridal couple’s place and how devastating it would be to not have that record of their day. I know you guys are young but think about the jet lag and exhaustion factor – you don’t want to be zombies at the wedding. Love you Natalie!

  9. says

    If it were me, I wouldn’t risk it. Event though it cuts your vacation short is the extra day worth possibly risking your reputation if you don’t make it back in time? Gaining future business might become more difficult if you miss it.

    My two cents. :)

  10. says

    I wouldn’t risk it guys! I’m way too scared of delayed/cancelled flights… It happened to me once and it turned out to be a problem that huge that it made me cry for hours :(((
    Aww aren’t your dogs cute? :’)

  11. Britta says

    That text is hilarious. We totally watch wheel of fortune every night like a little old couple! Hop on the express!

  12. says

    Yikes, tough call – as much as I would love an extra day in paradise, I would probably come back a day early just to be safe since our flights have been delayed way too many times. Aaw, love the cute dog videos and seriously can’t believe the contestant guessed the puzzle in one try too!

  13. says

    DYING over the dog videos and Max’s mischief, lol! No matter what they do, they are just the best. I could only imagine if Sydney had a partner in crime. :) I vote for playing it safe and coming home Thursday. You’ll still get 7 days in Hawaii, which is awesome (can I stow away in your suitcase?) and you don’t risk breaching your contract. Plus if you didn’t make the wedding, that would be some awful word of mouth advertising for your business. I wouldn’t risk it.

  14. says

    Sorry to agree with most of your comment Natalie – we would want to play safe as well. Oh we can’t resist the oysters at the Santa Barbara harbor, they are the best. Love your your group photo, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun:)


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