It’s a new year! A new decade! Are you so excited to start fresh? Maybe you want to join me and lose weight? Does your house feel so much bigger now that all your Christmas decorations are put away?

Before we dive into January, let’s look back on all the magical fun we had in December!

Christmas in the Snow

We headed to a cabin in Twain Harte with my family and had the most magical Christmas week. We were cozy, had a roaring fireplace. Brought up lots of good food. The boys were spoiled with great toys Christmas morning. The adults would watch fun movies or play games after the boys went to bed. I think we’re going to make this our new Christmas tradition!

Sledding + Snowman

The boys LOVED sledding! We would go for an hour every day. And holy workout carrying those boys and the sleds up the hill!

We built a snowman too. Josh kept asking when he was going to come to life like Olaf + Frosty. Ha!

Ski Days

Shawn and I got to ski 3 times during our winter break! My mom was an absolute angel and watched the boys. We felt like teenagers again! Fun non-scale victory? We didn’t get tired skiing after an hour or 2 like we usually do. And I wasn’t sore at all the next day! Benefit of being in shape!

Gingerbread Houses

Thanks Trader Joe’s for the amazing gingerbread house kits! The boys loved it. And ate most of the decorations before they made it on to the house. I’m still finding sprinkles all over!

Boys Saying “Owie”

Ryan has started to a learn a lot of new words. One of them is “owie”. He’ll say it over and over, even when he’s not hurt. It’s actually really cute.

The boys love to say it a ton when we’re driving around. Not stressful at all ?

Ryan’s New Tricks

Along with saying “owie”, Ryan can say “hello” and blink now too. 18 months is the CUTEST age!

Zipline Josh

A park near our house has a zipline, and it is Josh’s FAVORITE! He could ride it all day!

Girls Night Painting

My sister, mom and I try and have a girls night out once a month. We have so much fun together! This month we did dinner and then a painting class at Pinot’s Palette. Forgot how much fun it is to paint!

Daughter Night Out with Dad

My sister took my dad out for a date and it was so fun! We always do date nights out with my mom, and one day it occurred to me, “Hey, we should be having dates with dad too!” Love my parents so much, and want to soak up as many moments with them as I can.

Ice Skating + Santa

We took the boys to the outdoor holiday ice skating rink near our town. Josh loved it! Especially since they had a little seal he could sit on while we pushed him. Poor Ryan was too little to go skating, so Shawn and I took turns pushing Josh or hanging out with Ryan. Shawn did sneak Ryan on the ice for just a second to make his baby boy dreams come true.

After, we saw Santa and none of the boys cried! Win!

Christmas Lights with Family

Shawn’s dad was in town, and 1 of his brothers + his sister joined us at Fairyland. They decorate it with lights for Christmas, and have a Santa. Tried to do as many Christmas things here in the Bay Area that we could!

Another night, we went to a Christmas Light Show at the fairgrounds with my family. They had a bunch of carnival rides for Josh, and a little train ride for Ryan.

Ryan Has Officially Weaned

Ryan turned 18 months on December 23. And that week he self weaned! It was such perfect timing. I love breastfeeding my babies, and am so proud we made it this far. My goal is always to make it to the 1 year mark. For a while there, I thought I would be nursing Ryan until college, haha! But I started offering him organic lactose free whole milk in a bottle a few months ago, and now he prefers it over nursing. Loved every second of our nursing journey, and also love having my body back to myself!

Wrestling With Daddy

The boys favorite thing to do is wrestle and jump around with Daddy. Usually while I’m cooking dinner. I love that I got this on video. Such an ordinary moment that happens daily. I love our life.

100 Club!

Huge weight loss goal for me! For the first time since 2007 my weight starts with a 1! I hit the 100 club on December 8, weighing 198.5 pounds. So excited to have my weight begin with a 1 during this decade! Even if it just for the last 3 weeks of it ?

Fastest Jogging Pace

I went for a solo jog while Shawn took the boys for a walk in the stroller. I set my fastest jogging pace ever! It’s amazing how fast I can jog when I’m not pushing the stroller. But I do love having my boys near me, and it’s still a great workout pushing easily 100+ pounds of boys and stroller!

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