1. April showers bring May flowers, and so far April has brought us lots of rain.

2. Whenever it rains, it means the dogs don’t get to go to the park to run around and get all their wiggles out. It is awful! The 3 of them get stir crazy and turn wild. Wild I tell you! A dog after going to the park is a perfect, slightly tired and relaxed pup. A dog that has been cooped up all day is a wildebeest. They chew up all the toys until they’re split open and all the stuffing is pulled out, then they start wrestling with each other. I set up obstacle courses inside with chairs turned over, and throw the toys over the chairs so the dogs to jump over the chairs. It looks hilarious, but it works! By the end, they’re back to quiet, tranquil doggies.

3. Shawn and I have started a new routine that I am loving! I’ve been going to the gym after work, and work up a nice sweat (gross). So after I cook dinner, he gets up and does all the dishes while I go shower. It’s a little thing, but I can’t tell you how happy it makes me. Doing dishes are the worst! And I get to end the day all nice and clean.

4. Speaking of the gym, something awful happened to me this week. I was robbed! I forgot my lock for the locker, and silly me thought I would be OK to leave my gym bag and purse in the locker sans lock.

Let me defend myself by saying
A. It is an extremely nice gym in an upscale area.
B. The crowd who is working out when I’m there are all business men and women (aka, no looting hooligans).
C. There are literally 400 lockers in the locker room. What are the chances someone will randomly open this one and find my stuff?

Welp, someone did. I didn’t realize it until the next day when I went to grab my sunglasses (semi-expensive Coach sunglasses), and noticed they weren’t in my purse. “That’s weird. They must have fallen out at home. Hmmm…” Then I went to the store, took out my wallet, and thought it was oddly light. “That’s weird, I don’t have any change. Maybe I left the change part open and it all fell out too….” When I noticed that a few gift cards I had were gone that’s when it hit me. “Oh MAN! Some a-hole robbed me from the gym. EFF!” They took maybe $2 worth of loose change (glad I didn’t have any cash on me), a $7 gift card to Forever 21 and maybe a $12 gift card to Victoria’s Secret. And my sunglasses. And a little metal case that held my “just in case” travel sewing kit and Shawn’s heart burn medicine. At least they were nice enough to leave all my credit cards and ID. And my voucher for 1 free Safeway deli sandwich.

Oh, and when I told Shawn what happened he started laughing at me and said “You idiot! Never leave your stuff not locked up. I can’t even feel bad for you, that’s what you get.” Meany!

5. Game. Of. Thrones. Starts. Sunday.

Gahhhh! Too excited for words. This Game of Thrones Recap Thru Emoji’s may be the greatest thing I have seen in my life. Obsessed! Absolutely genius. I’ve watched it 10 times.