1. Every Friday I have a little tradition of treating myself to a Starbucks skinny vanilla latte and a bacon artisan breakfast sandwich. It’s delicious! And it gives me a great reason to get out of bed Friday morning.

2. Olympic opening ceremonies are on tonight! I love watching the opening ceremonies. For some reason it reminds me of the Quidditch world cup from Harry Potter, I don’t even know why. Weird? I try and make a dinner from the country the Olympics are hosted at that we eat while watching the opening ceremony. I don’t know many Russian recipes though. I’m thinking beef stroganoff?

3. We booked our flights for our Hawaiian vacation this August! Can it be summer yet?

4. On Tuesday I went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for homemade pizza. I left the store and forgot yeast and cheese. Cheese! That’s the most essential ingredient of pizza! I must be losing my mind. Speaking of pizza, does anyone have a pizza dough recipe that they just love? Like I mentioned yesterday, I am not a good baker, and I’m still searching for the perfect one.

5. I was ordering a sandwich at a deli this week, and my water bottle somehow opened in my purse and slowly leaked out ALL over the floor. I didn’t notice until I was paying and reached in to my purse to grab a sopping wet wallet. I looked behind me and saw a trail of water from the door, through the line all the way to my feet. It was like I was a snail leaving a trail behind me. And of course the inside of my purse got soaked. Major fail. But it motivated me to finally clean out a lot of junk from my purse. So many soggy receipts.