1. I love peeking into people’s photography set up, so I snapped this picture on Instagram to show a little behind the scenes of what my food photography setup looks like:

Tall table by the window, messy kitchen in the background, and a nice husband who helps me clean everything up and holds the light bounce board for me. Shawn’s even nice enough to take the pictures for me when my hands are too dirty and I don’t want to muck up the camera, but want to capture a “steamy” picture while the food is still warm.

2. Did you guys watch the Discovery Channel miniseries Klondike? Shawn had been mentioning that he couldn’t wait for the show to start, and I assumed it was another gold mining reality show. He loves those. Me? Not so much. Imagine my excitement when I learned it was scripted! And starring Robb Stark from Game of Thrones. We’re up through part 2, it’s actually been really good. Alaska is beautiful.

3. I treated myself to a new pair of these running shoes. They’re my absolute favorite! It may even inspire me to jog more. Who are we kidding? I hate jogging. I’ll take a long walk with my dogs over jogging any day.

4. Love love loved this Vogue video of Hamish Bowles teaching Lena Dunham to pose. Gahhh I love Lena!

5. Yesterday Shawn was very nice and surprised me with doing the laundry. But then he did something awful…. He put my jeans in the dryer! Doesn’t he know you never put girls jeans in the dryer? Always lay flat to dry. Always. Picture me jumping and squirming to get my now super snug jeans on, and doing crazy lunges and squats to break them back in. 24 hours later and they’re back to perfectly broken in. Phew! I guess I’ll forgive him, *wink*.