I’ve had such success losing weight sticking to clean keto. I lost 50 pounds in 6 months.

It no longer feels like a “diet”, but now a way of life. It feels effortless to choose clean eating foods and avoid junk food.

I’m often getting asked how I stay so disciplined. I’m going to share how I stay motivated, and some tips for success.

How I Stay Motivated

It’s not always easy.

In fact it’s often hard.

I wish there was a hack that is the exact key to helping me stay on track. Instead, it’s a lot of little things that I’ve adapted that have helped me stay disciplined.

But I choose to make my health a priority. When I’m taking care of myself (eating well, getting good sleep, getting exercise), my whole life feels like it’s on track. This makes me such a better mother, wife, friend and business owner.

I often joke that as an adult, your whole day is doing a ton of things you don’t want to really be doing. Like waking up early, folding laundry, paying bills, changing diapers and wiping poopy butts, going to work, etc. Why not just add on healthy eating and exercise on top of that? Haha!

It’s shocking that when you’re disciplined and have your health as a top priority, EVERYTHING in your life feels easier and more manageable!

10 Tips For Success

1. Avoid Cheat Meals

I’ve been really disciplined at avoiding cheat meals, and it has helped immensely. In the past, I would be “good” for a month, lose weight, then celebrate by over indulging in my favorite meals. I would think I would get back to it the next day, but instead I would slowly slip back in to my old ways. It was a guarantee for failure. Here is where I share more about why I avoid cheat meals.

2. Shift Your Mindset

Rather than being sad and bummed about all the food you’re not enjoying, find joy in all the delicious meals you can have! And how much better you feel! As with all things in life, focus on the good and the good gets better!

3. Set Up Personal Incentives

I’ll set up non-food rewards for myself that I can only enjoy once I achieve my goal. For example:

  • If I eat clean for a whole week, I can have a pedicure that weekend
  • When I hit a weight loss goal, I can treat myself to new (smaller size!) jeans
  • When I can jog for 30 minutes straight, I can treat myself to an Apple Watch to help me track my jogging better

4. Meal Plan and Meal Prep

If you always have healthy meals planned out for every meal of the week, you’re setting yourself up for such great success! You’re much less likely to go out for fast food if you already have a healthy dinner shopped and waiting for you at home.

Need help meal planning? I have SO MANY weekly menus + grocery shopping lists, all for free!

5. Have Emergency Snacks

Always have an emergency snack on hand. Great for those times your starving and need something immediately. If you have something healthy, it makes it so much easier to stay on track. Here are my favorite Clean Keto Snack Ideas.

6. Think of Where You Want To Be A Month From Now

When I’m tempted to indulge in junk food or skip a work out, I think of where I want to be a month from now. Will this help my goal, or hinder my goal? It’s a great motivator.

7. Find A Way To Stay Accountable

I take a photograph of every single meal I eat and share it to my Instagram Stories. It is a great way to help me stay accountable! You could share to your own Stories, or text it to a friend, spouse, family member.

8. Celebrate Non-Scale Victories

Don’t focus just on the weight loss and the number, celebrate all your non scale victories too! Are your clothes fitting better? Do you have tons more energy? Does your skin look clearer? Are you sleeping deeper? Is your mood more stable and joyful? It’s all thanks to clean eating! These life perks are so much sweeter than a cupcake.

9. Limit Alcohol

I try and avoid alcohol for the most part. When I do drink it’s just 2 glasses max. If I have too much alcohol, I’ll wake up hungover and crave junk food. And I won’t want to go for a jog. At most Shawn and I will have wine 1 night a week, and never more than 2 glasses.

10. Know That You’re Worth It

As a mom, I’m so good at taking care of everyone else’s needs. But I’m a better mom, wife and entrepreneur when I take care of myself too! When I eat clean and take care of my health, it’s good for me and even better for everyone who depends on me. YOU’RE WORTH IT!