Sharing everything I did to lose weight eating clean keto + whole30. Includes what foods I eat and avoid, every meal I ate, info on intermittent fasting, my exercise routine, and more!

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After sharing my newest way of eating clean keto as part of my Whole30 Food Freedom on my Instagram, and sharing my amazing results, I’ve gotten so many questions about everything I’ve done to lose weight! Along with eating clean keto with mainly Whole30 friendly foods, I’ve also began intermittent fasting and exercising.

I’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions here to make it easy for you to replicate my results for yourself!

Q. How Do I Start Losing Weight Like You Did?

Short Answer: You can get started any time! I’m here to help you and make it as easy as possible for you to replicate my results.

Long Answer: I have a post on The 10 Steps to Start Clean Eating and Losing Weight, which is a step-by-step guide on how to get started and keep with it!

Q. What Is Clean Keto?

Short Answer: After completing several rounds of Whole30, and becoming very comfortable in my Food Freedom, I learned what foods to avoid that don’t agree well with my digestion (no sugar, grain or dairy for me!) I shifted into keto to take my weight loss to the next level. I eat a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet that is mainly Whole30 friendly foods. I occasionally indulge in monk fruit, grass fed dairy and alcohol.

Long Answer: I wrote a post on The Clean Keto Foods I Eat where I go more in depth into all the foods I eat, and have a printable PDF listing out every single food I eat to make it easy for you to understand and replicate!

Q. What Is The Difference Between Whole30 + Clean Keto?

Short Answer: The main focus of Whole30 is to teach you to have a healthy relationship with food, embrace healthy eating, and determine what foods make you feel great and which foods to avoid that make you feel bad. The program also wants you to be aware of all the ingredients in your food, and avoid all things processed.

The main focus of Keto is to eat a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet to get your body into ketosis, which is when your body begins burning fat for fuel rather than carbs/sugar.

Long Answer: If you want to learn more about Whole30, I’ve got a whole post on Everything You Need To Know About Whole30. I also highly recommend all the Whole30 Books to learn the official program rules and reasons behind them.

To learn more about Keto, I learned a ton from this podcast episode, this book, this book,

Q. What Are Keto Macros? How Do I Calculate Them?

Short Answer: Macros are the ratio of fat, protein and carbs in everything you eat.

Long Answer: Here is where I share all about Keto Macros :: What They Are + How To Calculate.

Q. How Many Carbs Do You Have A Day?

Short Answer: I try to stick to under 25g net carbs a day.

Q. Do You Track Macros Closely Every Day? Or Calories? Or Ketones?

Short Answer: I tracked my macros really strictly the first 2 or 3 weeks. I can now ball park guess how many carbs and how much fat I’m eating each day. I never worry about calories or testing ketones for ketosis.

Long Answer: At the end of this post, I share more about why I now just estimate my macros rather than tracking closely.

Q. Do You Intermittent Fast?

Short Answer: Yes! The first 8 months I did a strict time restricted fasting, consuming my calories during an 8 hour window between 12pm-8pm. I didn’t have calories outside of my fasting window, but I would have plain tea which has 0 calories. I’ve noticed a huge increase in energy since intermittent fasting. I love it!

Now that I’m at my happy weight, I’ve loosened up to eating my calories during a 10 hour window between 8:30am-6:30pm to be more in line with when my family eats. Still feeling great energy benefits, and it helps me avoid late night snacking.

Long Answer: This is a great article that goes much more in depth into the benefits of intermittent fasting, and this article goes very much in depth into the basics of intermittent fasting.

Q. What Do You Eat Everyday?

Short Answer: So much good food! I share everything I’m eating every day on my Instagram Stories, so be sure to follow me there so you can follow along!

Long Answer: I’ve kept track of everything I’ve ate the first 6 months losing weight when I lost 50 pounds. Here are the posts on every single thing I ate each day, along with time stamps on each photo for intermittent fasting:

Now that I’m focusing on maintaining my weight, I’ve switched to sharing What I Ate Wednesday, where I share everything I ate each Wednesday with links to all the recipes AND the macro counts for each meal and the whole day. These are so helpful, especially if you’re new to starting out on keto!

Q. Do You Have “Cheat Meals”?

Short Answer: The first 6 months I had exactly 3 “indulgence meals”. And this was through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and 3 vacations. Now that I’m focusing on maintaining my weight, I usually have 1 indulgence meal a week. So fun!

Long Answer: Read my post Do I Have Cheat Meals? where I share more about why I’m disciplined and avoid cheat meals, and my 5 tips for a positive approach to “indulgence meals”.

Q. Do You Have Keto Meal Plans?

Short Answer: HECK YES I DO!

Long Answer: I share my weekly meal plan every Friday morning here on the blog, for free! Includes recipe links, a printable menu + grocery list, how much money I spent, plus photos + video of my grocery haul! Such an amazing resource!

Q. What Is Your Grocery Budget?

Short Answer: My grocery budget is around $1200 a month, which includes my monthly shipment of ButcherBox (which I highly recommend!). I buy almost exclusively organic produce. And only eat humanely + pasture raised 100% grass fed meat that I get from ButcherBox, along with wild caught seafood.

Long Answer: Every Friday morning, I share my weekly meal plan, which includes how much money I spent on groceries that week. Be sure to check them all out to see exactly how much I’m spending week after week. I also have a post on 20 Ways To Save Money Eating Organic!

Q. Do You Have Favorite Keto Foods + Pantry Staples?

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: Here is my post where I take you on a tour of my keto stocked kitchen pantry, fridge, freezer and spice cabinet. I also have lists of all my favorite brands of my keto favorite foods, and at the end of that post I have a link to my post where I share all my favorite storage containers and kitchen organizers.

Q. What Do You Do for Exercise?

Short Answer: I try and jog 30 minutes every day, usually pushing both of my toddler boys in our double stroller. It’s quite the workout!

I’ve started out with simple jogging, for just 30 minutes a day. In September 2019  Before this, I’ve never been able to run 1 mile in my entire life. I’m serious. Not even in high school. But now, and I never thought I would say this, but I am loving jogging!

Long Answer: I started jogging for the first time EVER 1 week after starting clean keto in September 2019. Before that, I had never been able to jog 1 mile without stopping in my life! I used a Couch To 5K program, which is perfect for me since I was literally at a couch level of jogging, ha! I stuck with it every day, and 8 weeks later could jog 30 minutes straight, finishing 2 miles a day!

I have a whole post on my exercise routine, the jogging app that I used and all my favorite running gear. You don’t need a gym membership to exercise!

Q. How Long Did It Take You To Lose Weight?

Short Answer: I lost 50 pounds in 6 months, between September 2, 2019 – March 3, 2020.

Long Answer: Here is where I share How Long It Took Me To Lose Weight Eating Keto, where I share my highest weight, starting weight, height, and how much weight I lost each month.

Q. How Often Do You Weight Yourself?

Short Answer: I recommend weighing yourself just once a week. That way you don’t get too focused on the numbers and obsess over them. It can be hard if the scale doesn’t move day by day.

Q. Do You Have A Goal Weight?

Short Answer: I’ve never had a specific number, just wanted to find my “happy weight” which encompasses so many more things than a number on the scale.

Long Answer: While I don’t have a scale number goal, I did have 3 weight loss goals. I share about them in my post Do I Have A Goal Weight?

Q. Did You Get The Keto Flu?

Short Answer: Yes! I had it most of week 2 after starting keto. The good news is, it goes away and after I felt better than ever!

Long Answer: Here is where I share all about The Keto Flu. Signs and symptoms, when it starts, how long it lasts and some remedies to help you feel better.

Q. What Vitamins + Supplements Do You Take?

Short Answer: Nothing fancy, mostly just a multivitamin. Right now it’s a prenatal vitamin since I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding for the past 6 years, ha!

Long Answer: Here are my favorite vitamins + supplements I take every day with explanation on what each is!

Q. How Do You Stay Motivated? Tips for Success?

Short Answer: So many ways, but the top one is that when my health is in order, my whole life feels in order. This weight loss journey is about so much more than the number on the scale.

Long Answer: I have a whole post sharing about How I Stay Motivated and my 10 Tips for Success! Tons of helpful tips to help you have the same success that I have!

Q. My Weight Loss Has Plateaued/Slowed/Isn’t Fast Enough! What Do I Do?

Short Answer: Don’t give up! Stick with it!

Long Answer: I wrote a post on What To Do When the Weight Loss Plateaus, sharing my thoughts on it and 11 tips to encourage weight loss.

Q. Can I Eat Clean Keto While Breastfeeding? Or Pregnant?

Short Answer: Yes! If you want to! I’d recommend sticking with keto when pregnant and breastfeeding ONLY if it brings you joy and feels effortless. (Always consult with your doctor of course).

Long Answer: Here is where I share all my thoughts on Eating Clean Keto While Pregnant + Breastfeeding, and I also share about how I breastfed my youngest the first 3 months of my weight loss journey, and whether I had any changes in my supply during that time. Here is where I share How I Keep My Milk Supply High While Breastfeeding. I am currently 9 months pregnant with my 3rd boy (as of December 2020), and I have been eating “keto-ish” during my pregnancy. Having lots of clean keto meals, but also allowing for indulgences. I am not stressing about weight at all (and in fact not even weighing myself!) I share more about it here.

Q. I Want To Lose Weight, But My Partner Doesn’t Want To Join Me. Any Tips?

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: I wrote these Tips for Encouraging Your Partner To Join Your Health Journey.

Q. Did You Have Any Hair Loss with Losing Weight Eating Keto?

Short Answer: No!

Long Answer: Here is where I share about How I Avoided Hair Loss While Losing Weight, and I share my 8 tips to keep your hair healthy!

Q. Why Did You Want To Lose Weight?

Short Answer: After having kids, I want to be the healthiest version of myself. I love them so much, and I want to be around for a longgggg time! I have some tricky genetics (breast cancer, alzheimer’s, heart disease, arthritis) and know eating clean is the best preventative medicine. I’ve never felt (or looked!) better!

Q. What Do Your Kids Eat?

Short Answer: Pretty much what we eat! My boys are very healthy eaters. We’ve always feed them what we eat, so they know no difference. I do let them have more indulgences than us! They eat fruit, have chips, have rice, beans, etc.

Long Answer: Here is a post on Everything My Kids Ate in a Month, here is a post on my Tips To Get Kids To Eat Healthy, and here is a post on my Favorite Toxic Free Kids Feeding Supplies.

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