Let’s celebrate GROWING bodies!⁠

In the past, I’ve shown you SO many photos of my shrinking body as I lost weight. I was (and am!) proud of those photos. They’re easy to celebrate.⁠

Now, I want to show you photos of my GROWING body as I’m pregnant with our 3rd baby boy. In many ways, I’m even MORE proud of this growth than my loss! How lucky to be able to grow actual pieces of my heart and create life?⁠

One of my keys to true happiness in life is loving yourself and every moment with your whole heart. I am so happy and love myself in the picture on the left when I am at my smallest (185 pounds). I am so happy and love myself in the picture on the right as I’m growing my newest son. (33 weeks tomorrow!)⁠

The numbers on the scale have gone up. I honestly don’t even know by how much because I’m not weighing myself, and turn around at the doctors office. (I told my doctor that if there is any concern with my weight to let me know, but so far she says everything is fine).⁠

Now is not the time to stress and focus on the numbers, or push yourself to stick to a certain diet if it doesn’t bring you joy. Gaining weight during pregnancy is not only normal, but HEALTHY! I don’t want to waste one MOMENT stressing about my size right now, and miss out on this beautifully magical time. Instead, I’m eating intuitively, making lots of healthy food choices, but also allowing myself to have mashed potatoes and rolls on Thanksgiving. Life is all about balance, right?⁠

My body is amazing. I’m grateful to it for growing and shrinking when it needs to, but mostly for taking such good care of me and my babies.