Below is a roundup to the posts of my favorite non-toxic kitchen favorites. Because a well stocked kitchen makes cooking more fun!

If you’re new here and new to toxic free living, start with this post: Why I Made My Home Toxic Free + How I Did It! In that post I share everything you need to know about going toxic free, the resources I learned from, how I budgeted and slowly made the toxic free swaps, and a round up of all my toxic free posts linking to my favorite products (including this one!).

Watch Me Share a Few of My Nontoxic Kitchen Gear Favorites

Above is a video where I share and talk about a few of my favorite kitchen gear items on my Instagram Stories.

1. Favorite Non-Toxic Cookware

Click to view all my favorite non-toxic cookware

2. Favorite Non-Toxic Bakeware

Click to view all my favorite non-toxic bakeware

3. Favorite Non-Toxic Kitchen Utensils

Click to view all my favorite non-toxic kitchen utensils

4. Favorite Small Kitchen Appliances

Click to view my favorite non-toxic small kitchen appliances