The clean Keto + Whole30 foods I eat while on my weight loss journey. Includes a printable food guide with carb counts on the fruits + vegetables!

After losing weight by eating a clean keto + whole30 hybrid, I got so many questions about what I did on Instagram. In this post I’m sharing all about the foods I eat!

If you’re new here, this is where you can learn all about my clean eating and weight loss journey! There I share all about my my diet, intermittent fasting, exercise routine, and how I feed my kids.

What Is Clean Keto + Whole30?

I saw the amazing results people had losing weight eating keto, but was really discouraged by seeing what they were eating. So many of the recipes were just poor quality meats. No focus on humanely raised/organic/hormone + antibiotic free meat. Consuming tons of dairy. And not a lot of focus on organic vegetables. The last straw was when I saw a person sharing their lunch that was 6 burger patties topped with cheese from McDonalds, yikes! Many people call this Dirty Keto. I knew there had to be a better way.

I combined my amazing relationship with food and quality ingredients that I learned from Whole30 with the high fat, moderate protein, low carb goal of keto and created a Clean Keto Whole30 hybrid that has worked perfect for me.

What Foods Do I Eat on Clean Keto + Whole30?

Here is a list of all the foods I eat that are clean keto + whole30. Click here to download + print! It includes carb counts per serving for the fruits + vegetables!


Click here to download + print the eating guide!

What Recipes Do You Cook?

You can see all of my clean keto + whole30 recipes here! There are so many delicious (and healthy!) meals you can make!

Why Don’t You Eat Dairy?

Dairy is high fat, low carb, and a ton of people eating keto consume a lot of dairy.

For me, dairy gives me an upset stomach. I discovered this after my first whole30. After reintroducing dairy I noticed issues right away. So my food freedom rarely includes dairy. Going forward, I eat dairy free keto.

Cow dairy is much harder for humans to digest. A better choice is sheep or goat dairy since its protein structures are closer to human milk and easier to digest. I’ll occasionally have some goat cheese or sheeps milk cheese.

For milk, I’m 100% almond milk. My homemade is delicious!

This is what works for me. You may be fine digesting dairy! Listen to your body and do what works best for you.

Was It Hard To Give Up Sugar?

Absolutely! I am very addicted to sugar. The more I have of it, the more I want it. Was definitely hard those first few weeks.

After going without it for so long, I don’t even miss it. When eating fruit, it tastes so unbelievably sweet now! It is natures candy!

Do I Eat Any Low Carb Sugars?

If I’m not committed to a Whole30, I will occasionally have small amounts of monk fruit or coconut sugar. Only if I’m doing some keto baking, like in my almond butter cookies or brownies or pumpkin muffins. But this is extremely rare. I mostly stick to real foods.

Do I Drink Alcohol?

If I’m not committed to a Whole30, I will occasionally have 1 or 2 glasses of wine or a vodka soda. A vodka soda is lower in carbs, and a better fit for the keto diet. But sometimes I love pairing a good glass of wine with my dinner.

This is also very rare. And I rarely go over 2 drinks. Since I’m eating lower carb, my body absorbs the alcohol much more quickly.

Plus, being a full time mom to 2 kids doesn’t allow me the joys of sleeping in the next morning! Ha!

Do you Eat Like This All The Time?

No. Not 100% of the time. I find I have better results if I don’t restrict myself too much. I eat like this 95% of the time. With very occasional indulgences. Maybe 1 or 2 meals a month that I’ll have bread or dairy or sugar.

Nothing wrong with that! It’s all about balance.