I was recently on my girlfriends podcast, and I mentioned that we live in a really small house. I had SO many of you ask to see how we live in such a small house with 2 kids. So I filmed a fun house tour for you of our small house! Has great living small decorating, furniture and storage ideas + inspiration for little houses!

Watch a Tour of Our Tiny House

Why we Live In A Small House

We live in Danville, CA in the Bay Area. It is so nice here, and also so expensive compared to other parts of the country. We want to stay in Danville, since that is where are families are and we love our town so much. Our dream house is for sure going to be $1 million, but more realistically $1.2-$1.5 million. That’s a lot of saving we need to do!

For now, we are living as small as we possibly can and saving every penny for our dream house.

Benefits of Living In A Small House

No exaggeration, I love living in our small house!

  • I always know where the boys are. They’re 1.5 and 4 years old and love exploring. Having a small house makes it so easy to keep an eye on them. Someday we’ll need more space as the boys get bigger, but for these little ages it is perfect.
  • I can vacuum my whole house from 1 outlet.
  • My sister is our next door neighbor! We share a driveway! This is the second unit on her house that we rent from her. Such a dream living next to my sister!
  • It prevents us from buying a ton of things we don’t need. Since we don’t have a lot of space, everything we have is because it is a “need” not a “want”.
  • We’ve learned to get along so well living small. We’re around each other all the time. Kind of impossible to have alone time. Makes you bond and connect way more intensely.
  • There is no need to shout, if I talk in a normal voice in the front of the house, Shawn can hear me in the back of the house. Ha!
  • Our heating and cooling bill is super cheap, doesn’t take much for this small house!
  • We’re always out exploring the parks and trails and play places in our area! It encourages us to get outside a ton.
  • We don’t have to stress about money because we’re living way below our means.
  • It’s fun to dream about what will be next, and the kind of house we’ll have someday.
  • When we do have our dream house, we will appreciate it so so so so much!

Links to our Tiny House Furniture + Storage


Here is a whole post I did on our $281 DIY kitchen remodel, and includes links to items!

Family Room

Boys Bedroom

Our Bedroom