My favorite non-toxic kitchen utensils and small gadgets I use in the kitchen. Avoid toxins and chemicals leaching out into your food by using safer, toxic free kitchen utensils and small gadgets made of silicone and bamboo.

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Toxic Free Kitchen Utensils

  1. Organic Bamboo Utensils: These are a great substitution for plastic nylon kitchen utensils! Great in a cast iron skillet because you can get a good scrape.
  2. Silicone Spatulas: I like using these with my Greenpans. The silicone is soft and bendable, so gentle on the ceramic coating. Silicone is heat resistant and non-toxic!
  3. Silicone Tongs: I use these constantly. I have 2. Great for picking up meat, stirring vegetables, on the BBQ. The head is silicone so completely non-toxic.
  4. Meat Thermometer: Never worry about your meat being undercooked and raw, or overcooked and dry. I love my meat thermometer! And it’s so cheap!
  5. Soup Ladle: Stainless steel is always safe!
  6. Chef’s Knife: My favorite knife! I actually have 2. Stays sharp. Perfect size.
  7. Glass Measuring Cups: I used to use plastic measuring cups, which are not safe when heated. Glass is much safer and the best non-toxic option.
  8. Metal Measuring Cups: I like using these when measuring out my dry ingredients for baking. Stainless steel is always safe. Bonus, there is a magnet on the end so all the cups can stack inside and stay together!
  9. Metal Measuring Spoons: These also have a magnet to help them all stick together and get organized!
  10. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board: I used to use plastic cutting boards. I hate to think of the amount of small shards of plastic I’ve ingested that got chipped off the cutting board. This organic bamboo cutting board is a much safer option. And better for the environment!
  11. Microplane Zester: The easiest way to grate garlic, zest of citrus fruit, etc.
  12. Box Grater: Use for grating cheese, zucchini, carrots or hard boiled eggs
  13. Stainless Steel Whisk: For whisking dry ingredients when baking, making gravy, etc.
  14. Stainless Steel Colander: For straining
  15. Salad Bowl: Love how big this one is!
  16. Can Opener
  17. Vegetable Peeler
  18. Salad Spinner
  19. Pastry Brush: Has silicone bristles, so toxic free!
  20. Stainless Steel Strainer
  21. Meat Mallet
  22. Rolling Pin
  23. Metal Skewers

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