Our kitchen is small. And I mean SMALL! Here is where you can see a tour of our 700 square foot tiny home, including our cute but teeny, tiny kitchen.

I only have 4 drawers in my entire kitchen. FOUR!

Being organized is essential. I’m able to fit everything I need thanks to some creative storage solutions.

You can watch a tour of my Keto Stocked Kitchen here to see photos and videos of my storage solutions in action!

Favorite Kitchen Storage Containers

Mason Jars

  • Ball Wide Mouth Pint Mason Jar: It holds 2 cups. I use this to hold chia seeds, hemp hearts, nut butters, homemade condiments, smaller amounts of nuts/seeds/flakes. I also use them in my fridge to keep herbs and green onions in water and fresher! These are also our drinking glasses, haha!
  • Ball Wide Mouth Quart Mason Jar: It holds 4 cups. This is what I store all my homemade bone broth in, large quantities of nuts, cold brew coffee, etc. I also use them in my fridge to keep kale or asparagus in water and fresher!
  • Ball 4 oz Mason Jar: This is the size I use to organize all my dried herbs + spices.
  • Kerr Half Pint Mason Jar: This is my least used mason jar, but I still like them occasionally. They hold 1 cup. I use it to store my cashew cream in, or smaller quantities of nuts or leftover sauces.
  • Mason Jar Erasable Labels: I have these erasable labels on the lid of every mason jar I have. So great to write what it is, and the date you made it. You write on the label with a sharpie, and when you’re done you use an eraser and it completely comes off! I put them in the dishwasher too! Obsessed.

Fridge Organizers

Pantry Organizers

Drawer + Cabinet Organizers

  • Silverware organizer: being so short on drawers, I love how compact this is! Freed up so much room in my silverware drawer!
  • Drawer knife organizer: Fits perfectly in my drawer. I like to keep my counters as clutter free as possible. Plus, keep knives out of site from my kids, haha!
  • Drawer organizers: These come in a variety of sizes, so you can get the to fit exactly what you need in whatever drawer size you have! I love when everything has a place!
  • Cutting board + sheet pan pull out rack: I have 2 of these side by side in the cabinet above my fridge. I’m able to store all my cutting boards, baking sheets, baking racks + muffin pans in there!
  • mDesign Tea Bag Organizer: I love my teas! This is a fun and convenient way to organize them and make them easy to see. No more towers of tea boxes falling on my head!

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