The best small kitchen appliances I use in the kitchen. My favorite small kitchen electrics and gadgets.

If you’re new here and new to toxic free living, start with this post: Why I Made My Home Toxic Free + How I Did It! In that post I share everything you need to know about going toxic free, the resources I learned from, how I budgeted and slowly made the toxic free swaps, and a round up of all my toxic free posts linking to my favorite products (including this one!).

Favorite Toxic Free Kitchen Appliances

  1. Vitamix 5200: I love this blender! Blends all of my smoothies, almond milk, soups, banana muffins and keto frosty’s perfectly. I use this every day, and is worth the investment for homemade almond milk alone.
  2. Food Processor: I love using this to make my homemade almond butter and pecan butter, pesto, chimichurri sauce, orange parsley sauce, salsa, etc.
  3. Immersion Blender: Can’t make homemade mayonnaise without my beloved immersion blender! Great for soups and to make my paleo banana pancakes too!
  4. Instant Pot: I got this just to make bone broth, but love it for my beef stew, pot roast, ribs and more!
  5. Hand Mixer: My hand mixer gets used the most to make coconut whipped cream, but it’s also great for cookies and baked goods!
  6. Spiralizer: Easiest way to make zucchini noodles!
  7. Waffle Maker: The best way to make toaster size waffles. I love making a big batch of my paleo waffles and freezing them to quickly reheat on busy mornings. Sadly, this is coated with a nonstick coating, which is toxic. I haven’t been able to find a better solution, but will update if I do!
  8. French Press Coffee Maker: The most bold flavored coffee, and a real space saver!
  9. Coffee Grinder: We only buy whole beans and grind them ourselves. Makes a much fresher tasting coffee.
  10. Toaster: I love using these to reheat homemade waffles, or make my kids toast.
  11. Ceramic Air Fryer: I have this air fryer. I rarely use it, I prefer my oven so I can make a lot of food at once for my family. But if you’re in the market for an air fryer, this one is ceramic coated so toxic free!
  12. Cold Brew Mason Jar Filter: My favorite way to make cold brew!
  13. Ice Cream Maker

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