My husband Shawn and I have lost over a combined total of 100 pounds since we started eating clean keto!

I often get asked from readers what to do when their spouse/partner doesn’t want to join their clean eating journey. And how to encourage them to get healthier.

This is really interesting, because I can share about it from both sides! In the past, I’ve been the one to initiate healthy eating with my husband. And my most recent clean keto journey was initiated by my husband.

Tips for Encouraging a Spouse

Start By Asking if They Want to Join

The first time I did a Whole30, it was my idea. I asked my husband if he wanted to join me. It’s always easier to do it with your spouse, especially since you’ll be doing all the shopping and cooking anyway. Funner to do it together and enjoy all the same meals and health benefits.

If your house is like my house, you’re the one in charge of all the meal planning, shopping and cooking. So it’s almost zero effort for my husband to join me since he just has to eat what I hand him, haha!

Present It In A Positive Way

When I told Shawn about the Whole30 program, I focused on all the health benefits, and all the foods we COULD eat. I find you get a much better response when you focus on all the good aspects.

Don’t go in to it talking about how hard it will be, and all the foods you’ll have to cut out.

Positivity goes a long way, and positive energy is contagious. Make it sound fun, because it will be!

What To Do If They Don’t Want To Join

This can be hard.

When Shawn first started Keto back in June 2019, I was not in a place where I could join. I was still breastfeeding, and didn’t want to focus on weight loss yet. I was also really enjoying my late night cookies.

He decided to do it himself. At first I was kind of annoyed. He was making himself all these separate keto meals when I spent time making regular dinner. And he wouldn’t “pig out” with me after we put the kids to bed with our normal cookie and movie time. It felt weird not being on the same level.

He never once made me feel bad that I wasn’t joining him. Even though I knew he wanted me to. After a month, I was shocked at his results! He had lost so much weight, and was feeling great.

Seeing his results and progress was the BEST motivator for me to join him. I joined him in September 2019, and now 6 months later I’ve lost 50 pounds!

My best advice if you’re wanting to start a health kick is to inspire your spouse through your results in a positive way. Don’t nag at all. They may not be in the right headspace to join yet. But hopefully that will be soon and join in.

Also, if they don’t want to join right away and you’re doing all the cooking, don’t cook separate dinners. They can eat the healthy dinner you’re eating. It will be delicious, and they will love it! If they want to keep having snacks after dinner, that’s their choice.