Sharing about whether I experienced any hair loss after losing weight, ways to prevent it, and tips to keeping your hair healthy!

One of the top questions I get asked is whether I had hair loss after losing 50 pounds in 6 months eating clean keto.

Here I’ll share about whether I experienced hair loss when I lost weight, ways to prevent it, and my tips to keep your hair healthy!

Did I Experience Hair Loss When Losing Weight?


I was lucky and haven’t had any hair loss since eating clean keto.

My youngest son also weaned 3 months after I started my weight loss journey and I’d already lost 38 pounds.

When I stop breastfeeding I usually experience hair loss. I was worried that my weight loss coupled with my baby weaning would have my hair shedding like crazy.

It didn’t!

Here are my tips on how I kept my hair healthy through weight loss:

8 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy During Weight Loss

1. Eat A Lot Of Organic Vegetables

Keto is notorious for hair loss, but I think that’s because so many people do a “dirty keto” where they’re just eating McDonald’s hamburger patties with american cheese on top. Hardly any nutrition.

About 2/3 (or more!) of my plate for each meal is composed of organic plants. I try and sneak in as many vegetables as I can, especially dark leafy greens. A huge handful of spinach with my eggs every morning is key. Vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, which are key to healthy hair.

2. Eat High Quality Meat + Seafood

I have incredibly high standards for the meat that I eat. I’d rather not eat meat at all than having “junk meat” where the animal was raised on feed lot food, in a confined space and pumped with hormones and antibiotics.

Instead, I only eat humanely + pasture raised cattle that is fed 100% grass, free range chickens that are fed a 100% organic vegetarian feed, free range pork that is fed a 100% organic vegetarian feed, and wild caught seafood. Healthier animals mean healthier meat. Healthier meat has more vitamins and minerals in it. Which means healthier hair!

I get a majority of my meat from ButcherBox, which I highly recommend because they meet all of my meat standards, are so affordable, incredibly convenient, and the most delicious meat I’ve ever had!

3. Take A Multivitamin

If you’re eating a ton of organic produce and high quality meat, you’re probably getting all the vitamins you need. But just to be safe, I take this multivitamin every day!

4. Get More Collagen

I add a scoop of vital proteins collagen peptides to my coffee or tea every day. I’ve continued this through my whole weight loss journey, and I’m sure it’s helped me a ton to avoid hair loss. Vital Proteins is a great source of collagen, which boosts your hair health so much! I also drink a lot of homemade bone broth, which has a ton of collagen and is great for your hair as well.

6. Drink Lots Of Water

This is a simple one, but being well hydrated is very beneficial for your hair, skin and nails. Drink lots of water! I aim for 64 ounces a day.

5. Use a Toxic Free Shampoo + Conditioner

Most shampoos + conditioners have synthetic + harmful chemicals, dyes and fragrances that are not only rough on your hair, but tough on your body and immune system. I use and love this Herbal Essence toxic free shampoo + conditioner, it’s EWG certified. It’s also available in most drugstores and Target! If you’re interested in being toxic free, here is where I share all about being toxic free and my favorite toxic free swaps!

6. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

It is so much healthier for your hair to not be washed every day. Allows your hair to secrete it’s natural and protective oils that coat your hair strands. Try and only wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week. I personally only wash my hair maybe once every 2 weeks. My hair can go a LONG time without getting oily!

7. Avoid Excess Heat On Your Hair

I get a blowout every 2 weeks, where they use a hair dryer and a 1″ curling iron. After that, I use this hair hack to keep my curls lasting for DAYS! Seriously will last me at least an entire week. This hack helps me avoid using a curling iron on my hair every day. So nice!

8. Avoid Excess Products On Your Hair

I only use shampoo and conditioner. I don’t use any other hair products, hair spray, gels, anything. They can be harsh on your hair.