We made it through January! The absolute longest month of the entire year! Haha!

How was your January? Did you make some great goals? Mine was to allow myself time for a little more relaxation. I tend to work way too much. I watched some Great British Baking Challenge on Netflix and it makes me so happy.

We have had quite the January. Let’s grab a creamy cashew coffee and catch up!

Josh’s Surgery

Our biggest headline of January was Josh’s surgery. We’ve been prepping for this since September when we booked it. But now it’s behind us! We did it! So many feelings and emotions. You can head to my post on it for more info, pictures + videos in case you missed it.


Josh couldn’t get sick 2 weeks before surgery, or we would have to reschedule. Being the oh so cautious mom that I am, I kept us quarantined to the house for 3 weeks before surgery. Which means we didn’t leave the house, except to go on a jog with the boys strapped to the stroller, since New Years Day.

The timing was actually perfect! We were fresh off Christmas, so the boys had endless new toys to play with and keep them entertained. They never even noticed! We got great at being entertained at home, which is saying a lot since we live in a 700 square foot house.

One time I did get desperate to get out, and loaded the boys up to drive through the car wash. Felt very fun when you haven’t been out of the house in 2 weeks ?

Library Books

I don’t know why it took me so long to catch on to this, but the boys are obsessed with books from the Library! We did a big stock up right before going on “quarantine”. We seriously checked out 20 new books for the boys. All they wanted to do was read them!

Shawn went 2 other times to return books and check out new ones. Amazing free entertainment!

Beep Beep

You know what else is super fun? And free? And doesn’t expose you to germs? Playing in the car!

After our jog almost every day, the boys would play inside my car. I would turn the music on. Let them roll the windows up and down a bazillion times. Let them honk the horn. Go nuts! It would kill an entire hour. They never got sick of it.

Tea Secret Ingredient

Who needs to add sugar to their tea, when it can get sweetened by the sweetest boys around? Haha! Kidding. Mostly.

The boys love to taste my tea over and over with their fingers. And pretend it’s burning them and too hot. Oh motherhood.

Movies Galore

I usually try and go the whole day with no movies, but when you’re home ALL THE TIME, I made an exception. The boys got to watch a movie every day. Often cuddled next to each other like this, riveted.

Disney+ couldn’t have come out at a better time!

Muscle Man

This is how Shawn brings up 3 trash cans and a 4 year old up our driveway that is as steep as Mount Everest.

The secret is to stack the cans (and kids). Haha!

Indoor “Trampoline”

Who needs a trampoline, when you have a tall dresser and a couch?

Daddy’s Home!

It’s always extremely exciting when Daddy is home, but especially on these quarantine days!

Shawn got to swoop in like a hero and brighten all our days. (After I had him thoroughly wash his hands of course. He was SO careful about not getting sick at work. Used tons of hand sanitizer. It worked!)

Leaving Ryan

I left Ryan with my mom for the 5 nights we were gone. It was the longest we’ve all been apart. So sad! I basically cuddled him nonstop before leaving. We all did great!

And it worked out for the best. Ryan got full attention from my mom, and we could give Josh full attention.

Skinny Jeans Become Baggy Jeans!

Cool story! Right before we left, I was manically organizing my house (because what else do you do when you’re freaking out?!).

I notice my “skinny jeans” in the back of my drawer. You know, those jeans you hold on to for years hoping they’ll fit again someday?

I’ve got these jeans maybe 1 or 2 months before I got pregnant with Josh in 2015. So 5 years ago. Even back then, they were TIGHT.

I tried them on, and they were too big!!! Coolest feeling EVER!!! Makes all the hard work, dedication and jogging beyond worth it.

Also, can we all say a collective amen that high rise jeans are in style? These jeans feel so low cut now!

Nintendo Games

Before leaving, Shawn brought out his old Nintendo 64. Josh had never played video games. He loved it! Ryan even pretended to play with a controller that wasn’t plugged in. Haha!

I don’t know who was more excited about this, Shawn or the boys. Actually, it was Shawn. By far. He’s in heaven.

Lego Mania

We got to the hotel 2 days before the surgery. And stayed in our hotel room the whole time.

Shawn thought ahead and got SO MANY Lego sets for him and Josh to build together. Genius. They had the most fun making them all. Seriously kept him entertained for 2 days straight.

Plane Ride Home

Besides the surgery, I was most worried about our flight home. I was worried Josh would be in pain. And uncomfortable sitting in a small seat for 5 hours.

It ended up being so easy! He had no pain. The plane was only half full so Josh could spread out. I packed him his favorite lunch, let him have airplane snacks, and downloaded his favorite movies on his iPad. Look at this kid living the life!

Reunited with Ryan!

Could not WAIT to get home to Ryan!

After being a part for so long, he is stuck to me like velcro. I cannot put him down. He won’t even ride in the stroller anymore. Uh oh! Sure it’s a phase that will pass. For now, I’m soaking up ALL the cuddles.

Brother Wheel Chair Fun

The wheelchair is the hit of the house. Josh doesn’t even mind his casts, or ever talk about his surgery. But it’s wheelchair talk non-stop!

Ryan loves it too. And loves trying to push Josh around. It’s adorable.

Josh’s Crab Walk

When Josh isn’t in his wheelchair, he can crab walk on the ground. He isn’t able to put any pressure on his knees after surgery, so no crawling. He picked up crab scooting so fast!

Also. This video is so us. Fart noises. Smacking daddy’s belly. And so much laughter. This is what’s going on in our house pretty much all the time.

Playful Brothers

Ryan can put up with so much from Josh. It takes a while for him to lose his patience. This video cracks me up!

Hugs to all the younger siblings of the world! Haha!

Zoo Fun!

Now that we are home and don’t have to worry about being on quarantine, we’re going on lots of fun day time adventures while daddy is home from work on family leave while Josh recovers!

Our first stop? The zoo!

Lawrence Hall of Science

Our second stop? The Lawrence Hall of Science! The boys loved it. Seemed a little expensive for what it was. But hey, we’re looking for stuff to do!

I was the most impressed with how Josh never complains or gets down about being in a wheelchair. He just adapts and still figures out how to play. Kids are so resilient!

Also. In case you’re wondering. Ryan (1.5 years old) is WAAAAAAY more of a handful than Josh is in 2 full leg casts a week after surgery. It’s not even a contest. Shawn and I laugh about it so much. He’s at that age where they’re so freaking cute, but like wrangling a drunk monkey.

This video is less than 1 minute of my entire day with him. He cannot be contained! Hahaha! Gosh I love him.

Just 2 more weeks of cast for Josh! February is going to be all about getting him walking again. Big hugs friends!