One of the top questions I get asked is whether eating Clean Keto and/or Whole30 is safe to do while pregnant and or breastfeeding.

I lost 50 pounds in 6 months eating Clean Keto. The first 3 months of my weight loss journey my youngest son was still breastfeeding several times a day.

Here are my thoughts on it.

Is It Safe?

Yes! Always check with your doctor, but when I checked with my doctor she said it’s absolutely safe.

I don’t restrict calories at all.

If anything, it’s even healthier for you and your baby to be focusing on whole, organic, preservative and sugar free foods. What you eat, your baby eats.

Should I Eat Clean Keto While Breastfeeding?

This is entirely up to you.

I am extremely kind and easy on myself the first year of breastfeeding. It is a time to be relaxed and happy. It is not a time for me to stress about weight. If eating clean keto makes you happy and adds to your joy, then absolutely do it!

If sticking to clean keto causes you stress and feels unmanageable, just do your best. The time that you are pregnant and breastfeeding is such a short time in the span of your lifetime. You have so much time to get back on track. Don’t add on even more guilt. You’re doing great momma!

Will it Cause A Dip in My Supply While Breastfeeding?

I can only speak from my own experience.

I have done many Whole30’s while breastfeeding, and have had no dip in supply. I was sure to drink lots of water, and eat a lot of healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, nut butters) to keep my calories high. Here are all of my tips on keeping your milk supply high while breastfeeding.

However, my goal when doing the Whole30’s was just to get my eating back on track and cutting out processed foods. It was not weight loss focused.

I waited until my baby was over 1 year old and fully on solid foods before focusing on weight loss. That’s when I decided to try intermittent fasting, keto and jogging. That way, if there was a drop in my supply it wouldn’t stress me out.

I began my Clean Keto, jogging and intermittent fasting journey when my youngest son Ryan was 15 months old. He was still nursing 3-5 times a day. I was no longer pumping, since I stop pumping when my baby turns 1 (gift to myself!), so I can’t tell for sure there was no minor dip in supply But there was always milk whenever he would nurse, and he was still able to nurse for about 15 minutes a session.

Ryan continued nursing for the first 3 months of my Clean Keto journey, during that time I lost 38 pounds. He never seemed fussy or upset that there wasn’t enough breastmilk when he would feed. He self weaned at 18 months old.

Should I Eat Clean Keto While Pregnant?

Please check with your doctor.

I haven’t personally eaten Clean Keto while pregnant, so can’t speak from experience on this one.

But if we have another baby, I plan on being extremely kind to myself the 1st trimester (especially since I get really bad morning sickness). I probably won’t worry about intermittent fasting too much, and will try to stick to clean keto the best that I can.

Again, I am so so so kind to myself. It’s important to make healthy choices, but don’t stress out over your weight too much when you’re pregnant. You have so much time to lose the weight after the baby comes.