Meet our newest son Luke, and watch us share his incredible birth story!

He’s here! We are overjoyed to introduce you to our son Lucas Shawn! The sweetest little baby boy who is the perfect addition to our family.

We are home now, and all of us are healthy and happy as can be. His big brothers are smitten!

Watch Luke’s Birth Story

Luke couldn’t wait to join our family, and came FAST! There wasn’t even time for an epidural (ouch!), but luckily we made it to the hospital *just* in time thanks to Shawn driving 100mph on the freeway and running all the red lights, haha! Never been more proud and in awe of my body that knew exactly what to do.

Shawn and I recorded his birth story for you! You can watch it in the video above, or here.

The minute Luke was born! So grateful to have him in my arms!

Thank you so much for all the love and well wishes! We’re in newborn heaven and loving life as a family of 5!