If you’re new here, I lost 50 pounds in 6 months eating clean keto. I share all about my weight loss journey on my Instagram.

After losing such a significant amount of weight (here is where I share how much weight I lost each month), I’m often getting asked if I have a goal weight.

Do I Have A Goal Weight?

No, not really. I don’t have a specific goal weight number in mind.

I went in to my weight loss journey with 3 goals:

  1. Have my weight start with a 1 (my starting weight was 238 pounds in September 2019, and I broke into the “100 Club” in December 2019, 3.5 months after starting eating Clean Keto)
  2. Find my happy weight, which isn’t a number but more a feeling when I feel at my peak health, and that the way I look on the outside matches how great I feel on the inside.
  3. Weigh less than my husband, who is also 5’9″ and about 180 pounds

I have already achieved the first 2! And I am so close to the 3rd goal. I keep joking that I need to sneak more junk food into Shawn so he can gain a little more weight and I can weight less than him. Ha!

So I guess you could technically say my goal weight is 179 if Shawn stays at his weight of current weight of 180 ?

Will I “Loosen Up” on Eating Clean Keto?

Once I’m at my happy weight, I’m sure I’ll adapt an 80/20 mindset, where 80% (or hopefully more!) of the food I eat is strictly clean keto.

Not because I’m afraid of gaining weight, but because I know how great I feel when I eat this way.

I haven’t gotten to this part of my journey yet, so stay tuned to see how I adapt.