1. We had the best time in Carmel this weekend with my sister Nicole and her husband Ken! We couldn’t have asked for better weather, 65 degrees and sunny. Fall is the best time to visit the Northern California coast. We ate lots of delicious food, and drank some great wine. After going to Carmel for so many years, I can’t believe I never knew how many tasting rooms they have there! A must do if you go visit.

Gruendl Family

2. When we got back on Sunday, Shawn’s cousin Ashley asked us if we wanted to come over for some wine and dinner. A night off from cooking after a vacation? Yes please! It turned in to a nice little party, with Shawn’s brothers and sister in law coming, our cousin Amy, Shawn’s parents, and Uncle and Aunt. Was a fun night! We’re lucky to live within a few minutes of so much family.

Dinner at Starbelly

3. On Wednesday my mom, sister and I went into San Francisco for Andy Cohen’s book tour. The 3 of us are *obsessed* with Bravo TV, and of course love Andy Cohen. We went out to dinner before hand, then headed to the Castro Theater for the show. He did a 1 on 1 interview with Rashida Jones for an hour, then stayed and signed everyones book. They make the line move fast, so we only had about 1 second with him. We were able to quickly snap this “bad, but better than no picture at all!” selfie with Andy. He is just the best!

Andy Cohen Book Signing

4. I have been a photo editing fool this week! On Sunday afternoon I did 2 holiday photo portrait sessions, finished editing those and delivered them. Then I finished editing my last wedding of the year! Woo hoo! So nice having all of them “turned in”. What am I going to do with all of this free time now? Probably watch Real Housewives, ha!

5. I normally buy a big 50 pound bag of wild bird seed at Costco that we use to feed the wild turkeys that pass by our house. This week, Costco wasn’t carrying that bird seed, but instead had organic chicken feed. I figured turkeys are basically big chickens, so they should love the chicken feed. Nope! They won’t touch it! And now I have a huge bag of chicken feed and no use for it. Talk about first world problems, *wink*.