Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

I am a wee bit obsessed with Christmas cards. It my favorite part about Christmas. I start brainstorming about the “theme” in the summer. I scope out outfits and locations a month before hand. I spend a few hours (and a glass of wine or two) designing them online. I even mail one to myself so I can enjoy opening one straight from the mailbox.

OK, I’m very obsessed with Christmas cards.

I wish I could send one to you all. Truly. Luckily, I can share them virtually with you here : )


Tastes Lovely Christmas Card 2013

Tastes Lovely Christmas Card 2013

Funny story about this Christmas card. And a little advice to other newlywed couples sending out Christmas cards to everyone they know. Probably a smart idea to avoid a Christmas song lyric with the word “Baby” in it, because some people will see that word and immediately think “Is a pregnancy announcement?!” And the fact that you chose your card to be blue to go with the whole “Cold Outside” theme will make some people think it’s also announcing that “it’s a boy”. Ha!

Definitely overlooked that when we I was designing this. Got a few funny text messages from friends and family after they opened it. Had Shawn and I cracking up all December long. Whoops!

Have a great Christmas everybody!