1. Every morning I leave my bed perfectly made before going to work, but when I come home my pillows are always smushed. I had my suspicions, but this week Shawn stopped by the house in the middle of the day and caught these 2 having quite the cushy nap on top of the pillows. Apparently the mattress alone isn’t soft enough. They sure are lucky they’re so dang cute!

Luna Loca Mexican Restaurant

2. Is there a better sight? A perfect spread of Mexican deliciousness from our dinner date on Wednesday. Dang I love Mexican food. Almost got thru that whole taco salad…almost…

Broken Wine Cork

3. Is there a worse sight? I opened myself a bottle of white wine at precisely 5:01pm on Thursday and the cork broke. Ugh. Don’t worry, I didn’t give up. I got that cork out.

Santa Cruz Engagement Session

4. We did an engagement shoot at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk last weekend and I am OBSESSED with the pictures! How fun are these? So bright and colorful. For real took over 600 pictures, and have narrowed it down to 280, haha!

5. Shawn and I just booked a trip to Portland, OR October 1st for our 2nd anniversary. Thanks to the awesome sale Southwest had this week, the round trip tickets for the both of us was only $236! Last year we went to Seattle for our 1st anniversary, and had so much fun we decided that every year for our anniversary we were going to go explore a new city in the US. Seattle was amazing. The best part is Shawn made this video of our trip that makes me tear up every time I watch. It might be my favorite video he has ever made, and this guy of mine makes a lot of videos. It’s just so…us…

Enjoy! (PS-The beginning of the movie in black and white is a nod to Wall-E, which we kind of love…a lot…)

I love us so much.