1. Bad news: I had jury duty on Monday. Good news: I didn’t get selected as a juror! Phew! Instead I got to sit around for almost SIX hours before being told there weren’t enough cases that day, and we were free to go. There was some very interesting people watching that day. The DMV and jury duty bring about the most bizarre mix of people.

2. I’ve been fighting a cold this week, and I’m pretty sure the cold won. I’m convinced it’s because of all the people I was surrounded by at jury duty. I’ve easily gone through 2 boxes of Kleenex and a whole bottle of DayQuil. Thankfully I’m finally starting to feel better. Thank goodness for hot tea with lemon and honey.

3. We’ve been housesitting and dog sitting for my sister’s in-laws this week. Since we don’t have a DVR loaded with our favorite shows, we’ve been binge watching Shark Tank OnDemand. I am obsessed with this show. Makes me want to invent something amazing.

4. Speaking of having no DVR, I watched a few episodes of Boy Meets World and Full House reruns on ABC Family this week too. Did you guys just love those shows growing up? Imagine how excited I was about this Full House reunion on Jimmy Fallon, hilarious!

5. I’m not that in to football and the Superbowl, but I can’t wait for the Puppy Bowl! How cuuute is the starting lineup? And all of them are up for adoption. I want them all!