1. We filmed our last wedding of the summer over the weekend! The morning of, I was so excited about filming our last one, and everything we’ve accomplished in the past few months, I made us some pumpkin muffins for breakfast to celebrate. The Trader Joe’s box mix is very good if you’re looking for a quick muffin mix. Our next wedding isn’t until November. That means a whole month of free weekends!


2. On Tuesday we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated in the best way possible, stayed at home and cooked ourselves a delicious steak and lobster dinner. Shawn offered to take me out to a fancy dinner, but all I wanted was a cozy night at home with my mister. It was perfect, very us.

3. This week at work, a customer called to confirm his email address. It was josephtaylor@something.com.

When I was reading it back I said, “Ok, the email address we have on file is Jose PH Taylor at…”

“…Um, it’s Joseph Taylor, but close enough.”

How on earth did I not notice it was Joseph? Ha!

4. It rained a little last week, and I loved the muddy foot prints my dogs left behind on my kitchen floor. So cute!

5. Conversations in Marriage:

(Shawn and I treated ourselves to a couples massage on Sunday, to celebrate filming our last wedding. About half way thru the massage, Shawn’s masseuse asked if it was OK to put a hot towel on his back. He of course said yes. This is our conversation after the massage.)


Me: That was the best! How was your massage?
Shawn: Really good. I loved that hot towel they put on my back.
Me: I bet.
Shawn: But then I was really distracted because I kept waiting for them to ask if you wanted a hot towel. For the past 20 minutes I kept thinking, “Hey, when’s Nat getting her hot towel?” Did you get a hot towel?
Me: No, but that’s ok. It’s not a big deal.
Shawn: Dang it, you should have gotten a hot towel!