1. I’ve always been a little jealous of Starbucks name spelling fails. They’re somehow always spelling my name right. That is, until yesterday! Now I can join the Misspelled Starbucks Name club. My life is basically complete.

Installing New Door Knobs

2. Our old ranch house had these ugly brass door knobs, and the locks were very “sticky” and hard to unlock or lock. Very annoying when the dogs have to go to the bathroom really early in the morning and I can’t get the lock to open. So we got some nice brushed nickel door knobs for the whole house, and it’s crazy how happy it makes me. Life is all about the little things right? So happy to not see any more brass in our house. Down with brass!

Turkey on the Fence

3. I think feeding the wild turkeys at our house is giving them the impression that they run our house. Look at this one that was perched up our fence in the backyard. Quite the crazy sight to see out the window when you’re doing laundry.

4. Our newest wedding Short Film! We filmed this one at the top of Heavenly Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe. Talk about a gorgeous view!

Engaged in Carmel

5. Look at this throw back picture from the weekend Shawn and I got engaged in Carmel in 2011. It’s in honor of heading back to Carmel for the weekend with Nicole and Ken for an out of town adventure. I’m so excited, I can barely stand it! Is the work day over yet? It will be our first weekend back since getting engaged. I see lots of shopping, wine tasting, good food, and beach sunsets in my immediate future.