1. Spring is fully here in California! The trees are full of green leaves, the flowers are blooming, and it has been 75 degrees all week. I have these vintage hanging wall vases hanging in my kitchen, and all fall and winter I’ve had dried wheat displayed in them. But now that spring is here it’s time for some fresh white flowers! My favorite cheap-o flower display is to use baby’s breath. Super cheap, and it lasts for-ev-er!

Garden Progress 1

2. We are hard core working on getting our garden ready! We chose the hill that is right in front of our driveway since it is one of the few spots on the property that gets a ton of daylight. It was just a basic sloping hill, so Shawn and his brother Byron dug in some flat spots for the garden beds to go. I was happy to see that we have some great soil on this hill!

Garden Progess 2

Look at it now! My dad is replacing his retaining wall in his back yard, so he gave us all of his old wood for the retaining walls of the garden beds. Free, and it saved him a trip to the dumps. Win win! We needed some wood for the steps. There was a huge pile of old redwood railroad ties in the barn on the property. The boys drug them out and used them to make stairs. More free stuff!

Garden Progress 3

It looks the most dramatic from the bottom of the hill. We rolled all those boulders down the hill to make a big retaining wall for the bottom. This ranch has a ton of great rocks all around, and I’m glad we were able to put them to good use.

That’s our teeny tiny house up there! (And yes, we still have our Christmas lights up, in March, whoops!)

Next up we need to trim back some of the trees for maximum amount of sun, build 2 more garden beds at the base, source some fertilizer/manure for the soil, and build a fence all around to keep the deer out. Then it’s planting time!

Reading about Gardening

3. Every day I come home from work, sit outside, and read thru The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible to learn everything I can about gardening. I love our simple life.


4. My sister’s husband Ken’s birthday was over the weekend, and we went bowling with friends to celebrate. Is there anything dorkier yet cooler than bowling shoes?

Snap Chat

5. I’m a little late to the game, but I am having so much fun with on Snapchat! I love updating “my story” with cute little things all day. Mostly dogs, or Shawn being funny, or piles of laundry I don’t want to fold. Basically super important things you don’t want to miss out on, haha! If you’re on there too, you should follow me! I’m NatG925. Let me know your username so I can follow you back. Right now I’m following like, 5 people. I need more!