1. See those 8 little ladies up there? Those are our new baby chicks! Shawn and I have been talking about getting backyard chickens for a while, and Friday after work we headed to our farm supply store and picked them up. They are all sooo cute! I snapped this picture on Saturday, and they have already grown so much! Can’t wait for them to get big and start laying us fresh eggs.

Check back tomorrow for a fun little post all about “our girls”.


2. Now that Shawn is going in to work so early, I’ve started going in to work early too. And I am loving it! I’m off by 3, and it still feels like there is so much of the day left. Plus, I get to see pretty sunrises like this on my way in to work in the morning. Not a bad way to start the day.

Cutting Down Tree

3. We have a ton of trees in the front yard. So many trees, that they were blocking the sun from 2 of our garden beds for a majority of the day. My dad was brave enough to climb allllllll they way up that latter and trim them back. Now the beds get full sun! I think we’re going to start planting next weekend, fingers crossed.

Mountain Winery Wedding | acorn-films.com

4. Remember that wedding we filmed and photographed almost 2 weeks ago, and I talked about how nervous I was? I am almost done editing all the pictures, and I am so happy with how they turned out! Guess I got myself worked up for nothing.

1000 Facebook Likes

5. This is a bit of a shameless plug, but my Facebook page is SO close to 1,000 likes. We are going out of town to Carmel this weekend, and it would be oh so wonderful to be able to celebrate 1,000 while in my favorite mini vacation get away town. If you haven’t liked it already, it would make my day if you could like my Facebook page and get me to up to 1,000. Thanks friends! Have a great weekend!