1. Look how big the chickens are getting! They’re about 11 weeks old, and love playing outside now that it is warming up. We open the coop every morning and let them roam free in the backyard all day. At night, they head in to the coop once it gets dark. We just close it up before going to bed. They’re very easy.

Just like kids, the chickens like to play. Shawn made them this “play structure” out of a step ladder, a water jug holder and some scrap lumber and they all love it! Nothing makes them happier than balancing on something.

Girls on Wood

We first noticed how much they liked jumping on things when they were playing on this piece of lumber when we were building the coop. They’re so cute!

Painting at Pinot's Pallete

2. My mom, sister and I had a fun girls night date. We went out to dinner, and then went to this art studio in town where they serve wine and walk you thru making a painting. So fun! Very relaxing painting and listening to music while sipping on wine.

Our Painting at Pinot's Pallete

Our paintings turned out pretty good too!

3. If you love food (which, obviously you do, *wink*), you have GOT to watch Chef’s Table on Netflix. So good! It’s a docuseries with 6 episodes, and each one follows a different michelin star rated chef from around the world. Very inspiring, and the filming of it is stunning. Shawn and I binge watched all 6 episodes in a weekend. Highly recommend.

Also, if you’re looking for a fun thriller movie to watch on Netflix, we love love loved Blue Ruin that is streaming. It kind of reminded me of No Country for Old Men. If you liked that kind of slow, intense movie you’ll love Blue Ruin.

We also loved Entourage the movie! We loved the show when it was out, and the movie did not disappoint. Even if you didn’t watch the show you’ll still have a fun time watching this movie.

We did not love Tomorrowland. Started off good, but then turned kind of…meh. Wait until it comes out on DVD.

4. I am obsessed with all Bravo tv shows, especially Real Housewives. If you are too, you absolutely must listen to the podcast Watch What Crappens. Hilarious! It’s these 2 guys who go over all the episodes, and are so dang funny. It makes me very happy. I made Shawn listen to an episode on our long drive back from a wedding and he was cracking up too.

5. I have recently fallen in love with reading again. It seems to happen every year when the weather gets warmer. I love my kindle paperwhite, and I am reading almost 2 books a week. I keep slipping off to bed at around 7:30 just so I have a good hour or two to read in my comfy bed with the fan on high. It’s the best. I just joined Goodreads if you want to see what I’ve read and what I’m reading now. Any good book recommendations?