1. We celebrated Shawn’s birthday this week! We went out to dinner, and I made him red velvet cupcakes at his request. But, I didn’t put in nearly enough red food coloring, so they looked morel like a faint chocolate color. Whoops. Still tasted great though!

2. We think Martha might be a rooster!

She’s our golden chicken, an Orpington. This past weekend she started crowing when it starts to get dark outside. The first time I heard it, I was like “What is that crazy noise?!” I assumed it was one of the wild turkeys or something who roam the ranch. But it was coming from our backyard. I looked out the window, and it was Martha! Huh? I thought only roosters crow.

I was able to capture it on video! Not the best quality since it’s shot thru our window screen. But you can definitely hear it!

She doesn’t have tail feathers like a rooster. Her but is wide and fluffy like a hen. But she did get her comb (the red skin flap on her nose and head) at around 6 weeks like a rooster would. None of the other hens have even started to grow their comb yet.

I did read that sometimes, if there is no rooster present in a flock, a hen will take the roll of a male. She’ll start crowing, and become the protector. Martha is DEFINITELY the boss of the flock. She is the biggest by far, and is always keeping an eye on the other girls. When we pick one up, Martha will come up and cluck at us until we put the other hen down.

If it is a rooster, we joke that we’ll have to change her name to Marty. Haha! What do you think? Hen or rooster? We can’t decide!

Dinner with the Diff's

3. Last Friday we went out to dinner with our friends Ashley & Bryan. They’re actually family too! Shawn and Ashley are cousins. The 4 of us always have a great time together. We got sushi and got to eat outside. Love that summer is here!

Rosie on BBQ

4. The chickens are able to fly up really high now. This week we found Rosie way up on the BBQ. Not sure that’s the best place to hang out Rosie, you are a chicken after all. *wink*

5. Big Brother is back! Do you watch Big Brother? We are OBSESSED! It is seriously my favorite part of summer. If you’ve never watched it before, give it a try. It’s not too late to get hooked!