The containers I used to organize my pantry, maximize space, keep food the freshest, and make it even more beautiful and inviting to see. It brings me so much joy!

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oxo pop containers stacked and filled with food in an organized pantry

Oxo POP Containers

I love using these rectangular containers to hold our dry goods. They easily stack on top of each other, maximizing space in our pantry. It keeps the food fresh, and since they’re clear I can easily see how full it is and know whether I need to get more to stock up.

hand holding oxo pop container filled with pretzels with an erasable label with handwriting that says "peanut butter pretzels"

Erasable Labels for Containers

These erasable labels are a MUST HAVE for my kitchen. I use them on everything: mason jar lids to label the contents and the date they were made, on my pantry containers, on the kids lunch boxes, etc.

You can write on the label with any sharpie, then erase it with any eraser. They’re even fine to go through the dishwasher, never had an issue with the sticker lifting.

I love these way more so I can easily change what’s in the container and just rewrite on the label what it is. A label maker is so permanent, and doesn’t leave me the flexibility to swap things out if needed.

white wire baskets stacked and filled with snacks in an organized pantry

Wire Baskets

Obsessed with these stacking white baskets. They easily nestle in each other, and are sturdy metal that won’t get damaged.

I love that they have a big opening to make it easy to reach in and grab what you need. Perfect for storing onions, garlic, potatoes, and packaged goods you want easily accessible.

pantry door open with a wire rack door organizer, filled with pantry food

Door Organizer

The one I actually have is one from Home Depot that Shawn found in store (I can’t find the exact one online), but what I *wish* I had, and what I may upgrade to soon is this door organizer by Elfa. I’d recommend getting this one.

It’s better because the baskets are way wider, giving you more storage. I also like that you can adjust the baskets to be different heights. (Mine has baskets I can’t move)