Cheddar Cheese & Curry Dip

If I told you I ate almost half of this dip for lunch, would you judge me?

Cheddar Cheese & Curry Dip

Well, you might.


That’s only because you’ve never had this dip before. After your first scoop you’ll be like, “Stop hogging all the dip Natalie, save some for me.” And I will, and I’ll thank you for saving me from myself so I don’t eat the whole bowl.

Cheddar Cheese & Curry Dip

This dip is actually life changing for me because it is the first thing I have ever eaten that has olives in it that I loved. Olives are one of the only foods I cannot stand. So salty and briney. My cousins made this dip for me, and after my first taste I was so taken by the sharp cheddar flavor mixed with the warm curry that I begged them to give me the recipe. Imagine my surprise when I saw that olives were in the recipe.

Cheddar Cheese & Curry Dip

It got me to thinking that maybe I had outgrown my hatred of olives? I used to hate pickles. And now I love pickles. So when I went out to a martini bar with girlfriends I got a little brave. I ordered a martini with an olive. I had been watching a lot of Mad Men at the time, and thought I would give it a try. HUGE mistake! Did you know a martini is just cold vodka, with a little vermouth? Oh dear. Not good.

Cheddar Cheese & Curry Dip

So I may not be eating olives straight out of the can anytime soon (like my husband does, weirdo), but I’ll definitely keep digging in to this dip.

This dip is a great appetizer because you can make it ahead, and the longer it’s in the fridge, the better. It’s great with crackers or bread. I’ve even used celery sticks and carrots when I’m watching my carbs, and those are great too. My favorite is with Triscuit’s, but use whatever you fancy.

Cheddar Cheese & Curry Dip

Happy dipping!

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Cheddar Cheese & Curry Dip
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 10 people
  • 2 cups grated cheddar cheese (8 ounces)
  • One 4-1/2 ounce can chopped black olives, drained
  • ½ cup plain greek yogurt
  • 3 green onions, white and green parts sliced ¼" thick
  • 1 teaspoon curry powder
  • Crackers, sliced bread or veggies for serving
  1. In a medium bowl, mix all the ingredients. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for If you have time, refrigerate for 2 hours to allow the flavors to marry.
  2. Serve with crackers, sliced bread or veggies.
  3. Will keep in an airtight container for 1 week.
Nutrition Information
Calories: 120 Fat: 9.4g Carbohydrates: 2.6g Fiber: <1g Protein: 7g


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Lovely comments so far...

    • says

      Then this dip sounds perfect for you Sarah! If you love olives, you’ll triple like this. I don’t even like olives, but can’t stop eating this : )

  1. says

    Oh how many dips I have binge eaten. I know where you’re coming from, lol! Curry is a magic word for me. I can’t wait to make this! I love olives, but I do not do martinis. No buffer! It’s all booze mixed with booze and I can’t handle it!

    • says

      Dips and appetizers are delicious, but dangerous. I tell myself, “just one more…” about 10 times. And before you know it half the bowl is gone. Whoops! I don’t do martini’s either. Ick! I’ll stick with Cosmos please : )

  2. says

    Natalie this dip sounds amazing and the pictures are just beautiful. I’m must admit I am a weirdo as well. I love eating olives straight out of the can too. I also love drinking the juice from the pickle jar. :)

    • says

      Thanks Kathy! That’s so funny you eat olives out of the can too! Shawn will open up a can, grab a fork and sit down on the couch and go at it. I was a bartender during college, and a guy once ordered a shot of whiskey with a pickle juice back. I laughed and thought he was kidding, but he was serious. So I had to go in the back and pour out some of the pickle juice. So funny! You should give that a try, *wink*.

  3. says

    Natalie, I think we’ve bonded in the past about our hatred for olives. But this looks goooood. It doesn’t look intimidating because the olives are all chopped up. Chop them into submission I say! And I’m loving the idea of a cheddar curry flavor, that’s not something you see everyday.

    • says

      It is delicious Karen. I honestly can’t stand olives plain, but this dip is magic because I love them in it! Definitely chop them into submission, haha!

  4. says

    I’m a big dip and appetizer person and this looks amazing. Such a great combination. I am a big fan of olives of all kinds, I know ugh, huh. I like to go to olive bars and try different varieties with different cheeses, roasted veggies etc.

    • says

      Thanks Cheri! I’ve always wanted to be a “lover of olives” person. Everytime I walk by the flavored olives bar at Whole Foods I want to be able to like them. Seems so fun! Who knows, maybe my taste buds will change and I’ll like them someday : )

  5. says

    Haha I HATE PICKLES! Never really give them a chance anymore, and honestly this post makes me feel like I should. Totally judging you for eating all of it ;) just kidding, looks like it isn’t even that bad for you! Love that you don’t use mayo, greek yogurt is such a great substitute! Sounds like a lovely, unique dip Natalie, I will have to give it a shot…Thank you :)

  6. says

    This dip looks awesome Natalie! Totally not judging – cheesy dips are so good – it’s hard to keep track of how much dip I’ve had sometimes and end up eating the whole bowl myself haha. Love the added kick in here from the curry – sounds really good!

  7. says

    I am a huge dip fan! I will occasionally make appetizers for dinner just because I can get my dip and small foods fix. :) I’ve never had a dip like this before, but it sounds aaaaaamazing. I’m an olive lover, so no problem there. And I have been known to eat them from the can. But just the black ones. Can’t stand the green ones!

    No judgement here, friend!

  8. says

    Ooooh this dip!! Thank you for sharing your olive aversion, because I can’t stand them either! Glad to know that their flavor is hidden down deep in this one. My mom has a working theory that people are either pickle or olive people, but rarely are they big fans of both. I for one LOVE pickles…I’ve even had a pickle back shot you mentioned up there in the comments. :) Yum!

  9. says

    Oh wow, this sounds amazing! I love the warming spice of curry – it’s always put into unexpected things and it takes the dish to a whole new level! I think I will try this for our next potluck!

  10. says

    girrrl I’m not even one week into my Lenten cheese sacrifice – how could you do this to a sista?! I DIE for cheesy dips and when you said you had half for lunch I was thinking girrrl please, I would have taken this whole thing to the house! lol pinning for after Easter, looks awesome :)

    • says

      Oh dear! This is like the WORST recipe for you look at it. Haha! It will just make cheese taste that much better when you can finally eat it again.

  11. says

    Natalie this dip looks seriously tempting and we could not have resisted either! Love the tangy Greek yoghurt with curry. Mmm all the goodness in one tiny bowl :)

  12. says

    This dip looks amazing! I don’t like olives either- yuck- but if you say you can’t taste em, I’ll trust you. I like vodka, but I can’t do a martini either…a little too hardcore for me! I need my soda water and a lime, thank you :)

  13. says

    I would NOT judge you for eating half this dip for lunch…who could resist cheddar cheese, curry and olives all bunched up in one bite of utter bliss? Not me- that’s for sure! Can’t wait to give it a try…


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