I’ve been using Active Skin Repair for 3 years on myself and my family. Here is my honest review, if it works, if I’ve noticed any benefits and if it’s worth the money.

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What is Active Skin Repair?

Active Skin Repair is an all natural, medical-grade solution used to treat wounds, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, bug bites and more on the skin. There is a Hydrogel and Spray.

They are non-toxic, versatile, and aid in your body’s innate healing.

What Makes Active Skin Repair Different?

Both the Spray and Hydrogel contain Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), which is a naturally occurring that is produced by our white blood cells. HOCL supports your body to heal faster.

The tech used is the same stuff doctors recommend and hospitals worldwide trust. And because it’s all-natural and gentle, you can feel safe using it around your head, eyes, mouth, and ears.

It is ideal to use for kids because it is doesn’t burn at all, and is non-sensitizing.

My Personal Active Skin Repair Review and Experience

After using Active Skin repair, I will never use any other skin wound treatment. It works SO WELL and SO MUCH BETTER than any other ointment or cream on the market! I’m constantly amazed at how it heals everything, and heals it faster.

It is particularly nice to use it on my kids, who are even more prone to cuts and scrapes. It does not sting them at all. In fact, it has become a way of calming them down after an injury by “making their boo-boo better”.

When to use the Hydrogel vs Spray?

I use the hydrogel for all skin injuries, especially cuts that require a bandaid. It’s also great on bug bites and rashes.

The spray is really nice on sunburns and larger scrapes. It’s particularly nice on an upset child who doesn’t want you to touch their “owie” since you can spray it right on without touching.

Active Skin Repair: Final Verdict

For me, it is a no brainer to use Active Skin Repair. I cannot recommend it enough, and love how often I am hearing from followers with their praises of the benefits they’re experiencing from Active Skin Repair as well!

It is 100% worth the money for my family and me. I always have a bottle of each in my car, in my diaper bag and in my medicine cabinet at home. The bottles are so generously sized, they last us a very long time before needing to be replenished!

To help you save, Active Skin Repair has given me code NATALIE! to save you 20% off your order!