I’ve been taking Seed’s DS-01 daily synbiotic (prebiotic + probiotic) for 12+ months to support my gut health. Here is my honest Seed probiotic review, the effects I’ve noticed, FAQs, and if it’s worth the investment. Updated to include my kids’ experience on the pediatric daily symbiotic!

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Importance of Gut Health

You may be here because you’ve heard how important it is to take care of your gut health. Along with digestive health, did you know that your immune system lives in your gut? I didn’t, and I’ve suffered from all sorts of issues without understanding what exactly was going on. I’ve since learned that our gut microbiome helps regulate cardiovascular health (heart health), and supports skin health, hair health, nail health, regular bowel movements, and so much more. It’s essential for adults and kids to take their gut health seriously to avoid issues down the road. 

For optimal gut health, it’s crucial to eat a diverse variety of plants and high-quality meat, along with taking a probiotic, which is packed with the good bacteria that feed your gut bacteria.

I had taken probiotic supplements in the past but didn’t notice much of a difference until I discovered Seed. I was skeptical at first because I hadn’t seen any changes in prior supplements, and was really anxious for the benefits of a probiotic. Keep reading for my honest Seed Probiotic Review!

What Makes Seed Probiotics Different?

Seed is the only synbiotic (probiotic + prebiotic) that has 100% viability to survive digestion. Seed has an outer probiotic capsule made of Indian pomegranate (prebiotic) that will dissolve in your stomach. What makes Seed different is the inner capsule will survive past your stomach acid, bile salts, and digestive enzymes and make it all the way to your colon to deliver the 24 strains of bacteria. NO other probiotic does this! Seed is a “Probiotic and prebiotic formulated to provide benefits for gut immune function and whole-body health for adults ages 18+.”

Seed does not need to be refrigerated. I thought the probiotics you find in the refrigerated section of health food stores meant they were “fresher” and “more potent.” But in fact, the opposite is true! This part blew my mind: if the bacteria in probiotics need to be refrigerated and can’t even survive at room temperature, how are the same bacteria in those refrigerated probiotics going to survive in the warmth of your gut? They won’t. So they’re a waste of money.

The bacteria in other probiotics or probiotic-packed foods like yogurt, kimchi, or sauerkraut are NOT going to make it all the way to your colon, so while it’s great to eat these foods, you won’t be achieving maximum benefits from them. 

My Personal Seed Probiotic Review & Experience

I can personally attest that Seed is more effective than any other new probiotic I’ve taken in the past. I noticed a difference within days of switching. As I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t really experienced any of the benefits that probiotics were suggesting. So, I was skeptical. But I struggled with the digestion of certain foods and needed some help– so I went for it. 

As of May 2024, I’ve been on Seed for nearly 2 years! I first wrote this post after 6 months on it, then did updates at 12 months, and now nearly 24 months! To say it has changed my life is an understatement! This Seed probiotic review is truly from my own honest experience and I hope it works for you the way it has for me.

hands holding bottle of Seed synbiotic and 2 seed capsules

My Step-by-Step Process

  1. As Seed suggested, I started off with just 1 capsule a day while my body acclimated. On day 2, I had multiple bowel movements in a day. By days 3 and 4, the number of bowel movements leveled off, and I also noticed I was bloating less, and my stomach appeared flatter.
  2. I began upping to 2 capsules a day on day 5 of that first week, and my body handled it just fine.
  3. Within a few weeks, I noticed my skin looked brighter, and I noticed a significant uptick in my energy (which is saying a lot since I have 4 boys under the age of 8, and I will take all the extra energy I can get!).
  4. After about a month, Seed became part of my daily routine, and I started seeing so many positive changes in my overall health that I knew I wanted to continue. 

Health Benefits I’ve Seen

One of the most significant benefits I have enjoyed is being able to digest dairy without any painful gas or bloating the next day. I feel that Seed was able to support and fill any gaps I had missing in my microbiome that made digesting dairy an issue for me. I noticed this about 2 months after taking Seed, and this alone has made it feel so worth it for me!

My husband went on this probiotic journey with me, and after taking Seed for a few months, he was able to go off his heartburn medication completely. He had been taking omeprazole for 10 years, which is very tough on your heart. I’m so happy he’s off it!

Here are all the benefits I’ve enjoyed since taking Seed and getting my gut health in check:

  • bathroom regularity (at least once a day, usually more!)
  • less bloating
  • less gas
  • more “ease” of evacuation during bathroom visits
  • can digest dairy without problem (no more painful gas, bloating, or frequent bathroom visits)
  • clearer skin
  • more energy
  • very rarely sick

Pediatric Daily Synbiotic Review 

I was SO excited when Seed came out with their PDS-08 for kids! Seed’s pediatric synbiotic is a “Clinically studied 2-in-1 powdered synbiotic, formulated for children and adolescents ages 3-17 with 9 probiotic strains and a fiber-based prebiotic.”. 

It comes as a powder that you can add to any cold or room-temperature food or beverage. I add 1 pack to about 4 ounces of tart cherry juice for my kids. I recommend giving it to them in a small amount of liquid so they can finish it easily and you know they’re getting the full dose of the probiotic. They drink it with no problem! 

The powder has barely any taste. You can even add it to water, which I’ve done. It gives water the slight, sweet tang of a yogurt. But in tart cherry juice or mixed with cold yogurt or applesauce, my kids cannot taste it at all.

It is formulated for kids and doesn’t cause any stomach discomfort. It is the best way to support a child’s gut health. 

The biggest benefit I’ve noticed since starting my kids on Seed’s PDS-08 is ease and frequent bowel movements. I had one kid who was having bowel movements constantly and another kid who would go days between bowel movements. Now I know their gut and digestion are supported because now they’re both going regularly once (sometimes twice!) a day.

My kids have also enjoyed a better-supported immune system and are very rarely sick. And when they do get sick, they get better very quickly. Their skin is looking brighter, and it also supports their respiratory health. 

Now, my whole family is benefiting from Seed.  

Seed Probiotic Review: Final Verdict

For me, it is such a no-brainer to stick with Seed’s daily synbiotic. I cannot recommend it enough, and I hear from so many of you on a daily basis that you’re so grateful for the benefits you’re experiencing from Seed as well.

In my personal experience, it’s the best probiotic supplement I’ve tried, and I’ve seen so many health benefits, including improvement in my digestive system and in my health overall.  It is 100% worth the money for my family and me. 

To save you some money on your first order, Seed has given me code TASTESLOVELY25 to save you 25% off Seed.

Seed Probiotic Review FAQs

Seed has an immensely helpful FAQ section on their site, but here are some of the top questions I always get asked whenever I share my experience with Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic on my Instagram Stories:

Is it worth the money?

For me, yes, yes, yes! Especially given that Seed is the only probiotic that is going to survive digestion and make it to your colon. If you’re going to be spending any money at all on a probiotic, spend it on one that is going to make it all the way to your colon and offer you the maximum benefits.

How does the monthly subscription work?

When you check out, Seed will have you set up a monthly subscription, which means you will receive a 30-day supply every month. The benefits of a probiotic only work over continued use, so I love that my monthly refills come straight to my house just in time every month. You can always cancel if Seed isn’t the right fit for you. It also comes with a glass travel vial so you can pack it with you when traveling.

Can I take Seed while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes! It’s always best to check with your physician, but I am currently breastfeeding and am taking Seed.

Do you take this on an empty stomach?

Yes! I am extremely sensitive to vitamins and do not experience any issues and nausea when I take Seed on an empty stomach. I like taking it on an empty stomach since that is what Seed suggests. If you experience any nausea on an empty stomach, listen to your body and take it with food.

What if I forgot to take my Seed before eating?

I’ve done this before and eaten breakfast before taking Seed. No problem! I just take them when I remember, even if I have already eaten. My body is still getting the crucial bacteria.

How close do I need to stay to the bathroom my first few days taking Seed?

This will differ for everyone depending on your starting gut health. Personally, I’m glad I was home and near a bathroom for days 2 and 3 of Seed. It was never an “emergency” running to the bathroom (picture the scene from Dumb and Dumber, ha!), but there were several visits those first few days.

It wasn’t anything I would describe as “explosive.” The multiple bowel movements those first few days definitely indicated any lingering food that was in my gut and in need of cleaning out.

Now, after 12 months, I have what I describe as 2-3 “constructive” bowel movements proportionate to the amount of food I eat. There is never any straining, cramping, or discomfort. They are solid and release effortlessly. It feels like whatever I am eating is fueling my body, and my body is entirely disposing of all the waste.

Do you give your kids Seed?

Yes! They have a pediatric synbiotic formulated specifically for kids ages 3-17. It is a powder that you can add to any cold or room-temperature food or beverage. I add 1 pack to about 4 ounces of tart cherry juice for my kids. They drink it with no problem! It doesn’t cause any stomach discomfort and is the best way to support their gut health. Allows for regular and easy bowel movements, immune support, dermatological health, and respiratory health.

Do you take Seed at the same time as your vitamins?

Yes! I do. I take my multivitamin and Seed in the morning at the same time. No issues with taking other vitamins.

Do you need to refrigerate Seed daily synbiotic?

No! Seed is shelf-stable at room temperature for 18 months. The refillable glass jar it comes in also protects it. No refrigerator is needed!

Is Seed vegan and gluten-free?

Yes! In fact, Seed is vegan and dairy-free, and has been tested, and contains no gluten, soy, shellfish, corn, nuts, or sesame, and no binders or preservatives. 

Are you paid to endorse Seed?

I love Seed so much that I became an affiliate. I use Seed every day and have experienced so many benefits, and I am grateful the company allows me to provide discounts to you so you can see if it works for you the way it has worked for me.

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