What I Ate in a Day as I’m trying to lose weight eating low carb high protein. Sharing all the ingredients and macros.

I’m currently on a weightloss journey to lose 70 pounds after having my 4th baby.

I’m eating low carb, high protein and intermittent fasting. For exercise my current goal is to hit 10k steps a day. All of these work great for my body. I already lost 18 pounds in the first month!

I’m not currently tracking calories or macros. It’s too much work for my brain. If/when I hit a weightloss stall I may need to start. But for now this is working great!

Here is what I ate in a day for February 2024.

Morning Beverage

Every morning I drink 2 bags of hot green tea. I’m only have drinks that are 0 calories during my fasting window. I can’t do plain black coffee, I love creamer too much. But plain green tea works great for me!


First Meal – 12pm

For my first meal, today I had ham and eggs and cheese scramble topped with salsa, microgreens and half an avocado. Perfect fuel for the day, and I can have it ready in 5 minutes!


Water Goals

My current goal is to drink 1 gallon of water a day. That’s 128 ounces. Water is necessary to burn fat. It feels like a LOT of water, but I really think it’s helping!

I got this Hydrojug and am loving it. If I drink 3 of these a day, plus my green tea that’s a whole gallon!

It’s rather large, but I love the handle (necessary because it’s can be heavy), and that it DOES NOT LEAK when the straw is closed. Highly recommend!

2nd Meal – 2pm

I make a protein smoothie that I drink as I pick up the kids from school. Love that I can pack in spinach and more fiber.

My favorite protein powder is by FlavCity (code TASTESLOVELY15 for 15% off)


3rd Meal – 5:30pm

I made a delicious chicken burrito bowl. Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday in our house! Having a set meal makes meal planning each week much easier.

It’s a great one to have that’s low carb for me and still kid friendly when I use the same ingredients to make the kids tacos or quesadillas. A happy meal for all!


4th Meal – 6:30pm

A few days a week, if I’m still hungry I love making this high protein yogurt bowl. I sweeten plain greek yogurt with a little vanilla protein powder, still in chia seeds for fiber, then top with berries, my favorite nut butter and either nuts or I’ve been loving the Thrive Market Organic Grain Free Granola.


Days Total Macros