1. Fisher Price Booster Seat High Chair – I’m so glad I went with this small high chair that straps on to my existing dining room chair. I looked at high chairs in store, and they were all gigantic! That would have felt so big in our tiny 1,000 square foot house. This high chair is perfect. It gives Josh great support with the back rest while he was still learning to sit up on his own. And it will convert as he grows, and become just a booster seat when he no longer needs the tray and can eat right at the table. I also bring it with us to restaurants, it feels a lot safer and more supportive than those restaurant high chairs. And you can’t beat the price!
  2. Baby Led Weaning – We started off with purees, but it just wasn’t working with Josh. He did not enjoy me feeding him. I would have to sneak the food in his mouth, and it never felt very fun. He wants to do everything himself, including feeding himself. I decided to try out Baby Led Weaning and it is a much better fit for Josh. I learned everything I need to know from this book. I just give him huge chunks of whatever food we’re eating so he can gnaw on it. We all sit down to meals together as a family. It’s so fun! It exposes him to a wide range of flavors and textures so he hopefully won’t be too picky of an eater. As soon as he gets teeth, he’ll be able to start chewing and swallowing more. And this teaches him to chew THEN swallow, rather than just swallowing.
  3. NUK Sippy Cup – I like to give Josh lots of water while he’s eating, to help him with swallowing. This sippy cup is great! He took to it right away. And he can also grab it and hold it himself, which of course he loves.
  4. VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker – This toy keeps Josh busy for a good 20 minutes, which is a long time for my busy boy. Lots of fun buttons to press and knobs to turn. It will also transition into a walker when he is able to pull himself to standing and take his first few steps. For now I’ll balance him and lean him against it as he stands himself. It’s really cute!
  5. Chewable Charm Teething Necklace – Josh is a grabber. He loves pulling jewelry and my hair. Which is why I haven’t worn jewelry in months, and my hair is always in a ponytail. But now that I’ve found Chewable Charm I can wear necklaces again! They’re meant to be chewed and pulled without breaking. Josh is OBSESSED! I wear it all the time, and he reaches over and grabs it and chews on the rubber beads. They’re fashionable too.
  6. Waterproof Picnic Blanket – Josh loves being outside, and we go to lots of parks. I keep this waterproof blanket in the trunk of my car for us to sit on with his toys. It is nice and big, and also folds up really small when I’m not using it. And I love that it is waterproof on one side so the moisture from the grass doesn’t seep through.
  7. Carseat Mirror – I haven’t shared this one yet, even though I’ve had it since Josh was born. I love it! It’s nice being able to see what Josh is doing in my rear view mirror while I’m driving.
  8. Burt’s Bees Baby Hoodie – I love this hoodie. Josh wears it every morning when we go on our morning walk. It’s nice and lightweight, and folds up tiny to fit in my diaper bag when I need to.
  9. Car Activity Walker – This car toy is way too cute! It has buttons and knobs on it that sound like car driving noises and light up. Josh loves sitting in it, it’s especially great when I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner. It’s also not too big of a toy, and I can fit it in my little house just fine.
  10. Boppy – I used my boppy a ton when Josh was a newborn and we were both getting the hang of breastfeeding. I thought I was done using it and stored it away. Then Josh started sitting up on his own, but was still a bit wobbly and would tip to the side or fall backward. I realized the boppy would be the perfect pillow to surround him as he was sitting, and to cushion his tipping over. So out of storage it came, and I now put it around him as he sits and plays with his toys on the floor.
  11. Charlie Hope children’s music – I like listening to children’s music when we’re eating or he’s playing with his toys. A lot of it can get…annoying. But I found Charlie Hope and love all her albums. She has a very sweet voice and she picks a lot of my favorite childhood songs to sing. (They’re all streaming on Spotify too if you have it!)

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