1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow: I normally sleep on my stomach. After about week 16, this started to get uncomfortable. And after about week 22 it became impossible. I would go to sleep on my side, but then after falling asleep I would accidentally roll on to my stomach, and it would wake me up. At first I started using our extra throw pillows on our bed to build a little “wall” so I would have barriers on each side of me that would keep me on my side. Not very practical. At week 24 I treated myself to the Leachco pregnancy pillow and I am obsessed! This is definitely my number 1 must have right now. It completely cradles you and cushions you, and it makes it so easy for me to sleep on my side. I love facing the pillow when I am reading my book, the pillow makes a great book holder. And most of the night I sleep facing away from the pillow.

2. Kindle Paperwhite: I have never had to wake up in the night to pee more in my life! Starting at week 12 I would wake up at least once a night to pee. By week 20, I am waking up at least 3 times. It is crazy! I can usually fall right back asleep, but I’m usually awake for at least an hour or two after my 3am bathroom trip. I have a strict “no phone at night” rule, I know that would wake me up far too much. Rather than laying there and letting my mind wander, I read. I have read so many books these past few months! I read all my books on my Kindle Paperwhite. I love that it has a built in book light so it is easy to read in the dark. And I can adjust the light so it is very dim and won’t wake up Shawn. And with all the reading I do, I only have to charge it about once a month. All this waking in the night is great sleep training for when the baby comes, because I haven’t slept thru the night for months. But I am loving all my extra reading time. Doesn’t bother me one bit.

3. Bio-Oil: You can’t prevent stretch marks, it’s all in your genetics. There is no magic product out there that is going to keep you from getting them, so don’t buy this thinking it will guarantee you no stretch marks. But stretching skin can be itchy and uncomfortable, it kind of feels like a sunburn a week later when your skin is starting to peel. Ick! To soothe that irritation, I love using this Bio-Oil to keep my belly smooth and itch free as my skin is accommodating this growing boy. I put it on my belly every morning after I shower, and sometimes again before I go to bed. After using it, my stretching skin doesn’t bother me at all! I love the clean, fresh scent. It’s not overly greasy and isn’t staining my clothes either. Reminds me of a nice massage oil. 1 bottle lasts me about 3 months.

4. Wallflower Maternity Jeans: I was able to wear my regular jeans until about week 15. After that, I used the Bellaband, which I didn’t love but really wanted to. I have a really hourglass figure, and the Bellaband would constantly roll up to the smallest part of my waist. Every time I stood up or sat down, I would have to adjust it. Not a cute look. But if you have more of a straight figure, it would be awesome. My aunt gave me a gift card to Motherhood Maternity (best gift to a newly pregnant gal, by the way!), so I headed over there and really loved these Wallflower Maternity Jeans. I got a few more pairs there, but these are my favorite. I hated all the maternity jeans I tried at Target and Old Navy. And I’m not about to shell out hundreds of dollars for designer maternity jeans. With my hourglass figure, full panel above the belly jeans work much better than no panel below the belly jeans.

5. Maternity T-Shirts: Around week 16, I went thru my entire closet and purged! I made 3 piles: 1. I haven’t worn this in years, why do I even have it? 2. I love this, but it isn’t going to fit me during pregnancy. 3. I love this, and it will fit me during pregnancy. Everything in pile 1 got given to my sister. Everything in pile 2 got put in a storage bin for the shed to wear again after the baby comes. And now all my closet is currently left with is clothes that will continue to fit me thru pregnancy. Thru my whole 2nd trimester, I barely had to buy anything. All my loose fitting t-shirts still fit just fine. They slowly started creeping up higher on my growing belly, and looking more like crop tops. But with a long tank top under it was fine. I am not a big fashion girl, and I didn’t want to shell out a ton of money on clothes. But, when I was at Motherhood Maternity, they had a ton of  t-shirts on sale for $5 each. Now that’s my kind of price! I bought like 8, and they were great towards the end of pregnancy when I was bigger and less of my regular shirts fit.

6. BeMaternity Yoga Leggings: I searched high and low for the best stretchy pants. And I had horrible luck. I am so annoyed Lululemon doesn’t make maternity yoga pants! They are normally my favorite. And my Lulu’s still fit if I roll them really low, but they’re just not as comfortable for me rolled down that low. If I’m wearing stretchy pants, it’s because I want to be comfy and cozy. So I started my hunt. All of the ones at Old Navy were not a great fit for my body. The Blanqi ones at Nordstrom were oh-so-comfortable, but when I bent over the butt area became completely see-thru. My favorite I have found are these BeMaternity Yoga Leggings from Target. Again, I love full panel over the belly pants. I like my belly to be supported and secure. I wish the material didn’t let so much fuzz and dog hair cling to it, but I can live with that. Holding out hope Lulu starts making maternity pants for next time around!

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