“3 boys huh? Wow! You’re going to have your hands full!”

“Yes, but my heart will be even fuller!” ๐Ÿ’›

Oh how I absolutely LOVE being a boy mom. I grew up with only a sister. My mom has 4 sisters. My dad has 3 sisters. 90% of my many, many cousins are girls. Girls are all I knew.

If you had told a young Natalie that she was going to have 3 boys, I probably would have laughed (and maybe felt a little uneasy because what the heck do you do with boys?!). But life is so wonderful and gives you *exactly* what you need.

Boys are SO much funner than I ever knew! They’re sweet. And cuddly. And love their momma. And seeing little Shawn’s running around wanting to be exactly like their dad makes my heart absolutely beat out of my chest with love.

When heading in to this 3rd baby, I promise you I was just hoping for a healthy baby. Boy or girl. After having kids I know that your child means so much more to you than their gender. It’s all win win!

Can’t wait to join the boy mom of 3 club in just a few short weeks! Bring on the full hands but fuller heart! (34 weeks pregnant tomorrow!)

Photo by the amazingly talented Lisa Kathleen Photography
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