1. How cute is our house?! Told you it’s itty bitty. We are making a fun “moving in” video that will have a tour of the inside, but it’s still in the works since we’re still…moving in. But I can’t wait to share it with everyone! There are just a few more things to grab from my parents house, we get cable today(!), and then I really need to start finding cute stuff to start decorating. Right now the place is just furniture, carpet and blank walls.

To the left is an old red barn full of junk I have dreams of clearing out. To the right is my absolute favorite hang out spot. It’s where we set up the adirondak chairs. I just love sitting out there with some wine and enjoying the view.

Our front yard

It looks down onto a hillside that leads to a creek way at the bottom. No neighbors in site! So very peaceful.


2. We did some major damage at Ikea when we moved in. That’s 2 flats and 1 grocery cart, full. We pretty much bought the entire Ikea store. We even had to go back a second time the next day to get more stuff. Whoops.


Building Ikea furniture is serious business. By day 2 of moving I was wiped out, hot, and in need of some sleep. We didn’t have any of our furniture moved in yet because we needed as much floor space as possible to build all the Ikea stuff. So I grabbed some couch cushions out of the truck, threw them on the ground in the laundry nook, and took a nap. Shawn kept building, took these pictures of me sleeping, and texted them to me saying #teamwork. Haha!


3. We bought all white furniture for the bedroom, and after it was installed and set up against the white walls, I looked around and saw nothing but white, white, white. It felt like we were in an insane asylum. NO! I decided we would have to paint the walls. Our bedding is soft gray and white. I took in one of our pillows so Home Depot could scan the gray color and replicate a paint color for it. Have you guys done this? It’s so cool! Our room is now a soft gray color that matches the bedding perfectly. Gray > white.

Max's spot on couch

4. The dogs adjusted to the new house very quickly. They love all the outdoor space! Max found the perfect little spot on top of the couch with the perfect view out the window. He likes to watch all the animals walk by. Translation: A deer walks by and he FREAKS out.


5. I drive east very early in the morning to go to work, and I’m lucky enough to see some beautiful sunrises. But the sunrise this Monday might have been the best one yet! I promise you this is an unfiltered photo. Just quickly snapped by my iPhone. So pretty! Made going back to work after a 3 day weekend very tolerable.