1. We went to a wedding…and we weren’t filming it! One of my best girlfriends got married last Friday and had her wedding at Wente winery in Livermore. Was so gorgeous!

New faucet and shower head

2. Shawn did a few home improvements to our place over the weekend, including replacing the super old faucet in the kitchen and the rusted shower head in the bathroom. So happy to have a kitchen faucet that I can pull out! And a shower head with some real power to it! Ask how many times Shawn had to go back and forth to Home Depot to get the right stuff for the faucet connections? 4! Luckily Home Depot is only 5 minutes from our house.

Lou and Max snuggling

3. Lou got some extra love and hugs this week. On Saturday night we went on a little walking adventure with the dogs thru the open fields near our house. Lou came and sat next to me, scratched his ear, and then started softly crying. I panicked! I felt all over him to see if maybe he had a big splinter or sticker stuck in him. By the time I felt his ear, he really started crying. Me and Shawn we’re peering in his ear with a flashlight and couldn’t see anything. Poor little guy kept whimpering and shaking his head. Luckily there is a 24 hour vet nearby, so we took him in. Look what they found deep in his ear!

Sticker in Lou's Ear

I have a theory that it was near his ear stuck in his fur, and when he went to scratch his ear he shoved it in. You don’t even want to know what the Vet charged us to take it out. $180! I could puke! So now we call Lou Mr. 180.

Turkey and baby turkeys

4. My sister puts out a ton of seeds and bird food outside our work window for all the nearby animals. It’s really fun looking outside and seeing all the birds flying around and eating. All week this momma turkey and her 5 little babies have been stopping by every morning. It’s so cute!

Lemi Shine

5. Listen to my newest obsession! Have you guys heard of Lemi Shine? It is amazing! I made the mistake of using powdered Cascade dish washing detergent to wash all my new Pyrex mixing bowls and they came out all clouded white and disgusting. And these were *brand new* dishes. No matter how hard I tried I could not scrub out the cloudiness by hand. So upsetting.

I did a ton of research, and apparently that dish soap doesn’t have a phosphorus chemical in it, which leaves dishes super cloudy. All the message boards said Lemi Shine was the only solution. My local grocery store had some, and after just 1 wash all the cloudiness was gone! I felt like I was in an infomercial! You just use half Lemi Shine and half of your regular detergent. It seriously worked magic! Pick some up if you ever experience the same problem. They sell Lemi Shine online too. How have I not heard of this sooner?

Have a great weekend friends!