1. Shawn took this night time long exposure picture during our weekend getaway to Bodega Bay. It’s so beautiful, but sometimes I get nervous examining long exposure pictures because I feel like I might spot a UFO or alien somewhere up in the sky. Is that just me, or everyone?

2. This conspiracy theory about the true identity of Andy’s mom from Toy Story BLEW my mind! I’m convinced it’s true. I love Pixar.

3. I did something very out of character on Saturday. I went to my friends house because she was throwing a…wait for it…UFC fight viewing party. I know! I can’t believe it either. It was fun, but every time a fight would start I would run to the other side of the room and watch it through my fingers that were covering my eyes. All the guys were bummed Ronda Rousey didn’t win by breaking a girls arm in an arm bar like she has in all of her previous fights. I was relieved. And now I’m oddly obsessed with Ronda Rousey. And scared of her.

4. I did a very adult thing this week. I slept in an empty house all by myself. And I didn’t get kidnapped! Or murdered! Shawn was working in Lake Tahoe Tuesday-Thursday, which meant it was just little ole me. At first I thought I would feel like Katniss on her first night of the Hunger Games, freaking out at every teeny tiny sound I heard. But I fell asleep just fine. I did check every lock and window in the house, possibly twice.

5. Listen to this cool story. So I’m scrolling thru twitter yesterday, and someone retweeted this tweet from Foodie Crush:

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 4.52.02 PMNow, I almost NEVER click on these links. Actually, I usually just scroll thru these retweets faster than I can read them until I get to tweets from people I follow. But the Oscar menu plan caught my eye. And Heidi at Foodie Crush is kind of a big deal, so I figured she’d have a great menu planned out. So I click the link to read her Academy Award Menu, and I’m reading it and scrolling thru and scrolling thru, and then I see this!

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 4.58.47 PM

OH MY GOSH! That’s my pork chop recipe! It was the coolest feeling. I’ve had blogging friends share my recipes before, but never a big time blogger! Made me feel just great about myself and the recipes I’m creating and sharing here. And like a teeny tiny food blogger celebrity, if only for a minute. Haha! And what are the chances I would have even seen this? So serendipitous. Love moments like that.