My favorite postpartum items that I use after giving birth! You can also check out my pregnancy favorites!

  1. Maternity + Postpartum Leggings: Loved these leggings all during my pregnancy, and still loving them postpartum! Love the high waist, and the medium compression to give my stomach a bit of support and that “held in” feeling. Bonus, since they come up so high my stomach is never “hanging out” or exposed when I’m breastfeeding. Just a little peeve that I’ve never enjoyed after having my other 2 babies. They also have a pocket for your cell phone! True to size, I wear a size large.
  2. Nursing Bra: My favorite nursing bra. It’s wireless, which is a must for me to avoid clogged ducts. But still gives great support. I like that it’s a racerback so the straps never slip off my shoulders when I’m unclasped and breastfeeding. Also true to size. I wear a size XL.
  3. Elvie Curve Silicone Breast Pump: This has been my favorite discovery this time around with a newborn! It is such an improved design over the haakaa! It’s a silicone “breast pump” that you suction on INSIDE your nursing bra on the breast your baby ISN’T feeding on. It gently draws out milk and collects it for you. I use it 3 or 4 times a day (so every other feed) and I’ve already frozen like 40 bags of breast milk! (Love these bags to freeze breastmilk) Super comfortable, I honestly don’t even feel it. I love that I don’t have to worry about it falling off or spilling like the haakaa. I have 2, but you really only need 1. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (also, it’s currently sold out at a ton of stores like Target + Amazon + BuyBuyBaby, but I found it in stock at Best Buy so linked it there!)
  4. Postpartum Adult Diapers: This was a tip a ton of you shared with me on Instagram. Adult diapers instead of pads and underwear for post-birth bleeding. Genius! Fits much more comfortably, and love that I can throw them out after. I got these ones by Always and they worked great!
  5. Frida Mom Peri Spray Bottle: Loved this the 1st week after giving birth to “spray myself” with warm water after going pee. The curved spout makes it much easier to aim, haha!
  6. Ice Packs: I ice myself for the first 24 hours after having a baby. I think it helps SO MUCH with swelling. My hospital gives me ice packs for free that work great. These would be a great option if your hospital doesn’t, or if you want to ice for even longer than 24 hours. I also love the mesh hospital underwear, and ask for like 20 when I’m leaving. The nurses always hook me up with a bunch to take home!
  7. Nursing Pads: I tend to leak milk very often the first few months. Especially at night. Love these nursing pads. I know a lot of people like reuseable/washable ones, but sadly I still leak through those! And, I’m doing enough laundry, haha! Disposable works best for me.
  8. Afterease: This is something my sister got me that she found online, and I threw in my hospital bag last minute. They’re drops that help a ton with postpartum uterine contractions. (If you don’t know, after you have a baby and breastfeed, your uterine contracts as it’s shrinking down, and it feels like medium strength labor contractions. On the uncomfortable side.) I actually think this helped! Since I wasn’t able to get an epidural, I felt the postpartum contractions BIG TIME when Luke first breastfed the first few hours after birth. I remembered these drops, had Shawn give them to me and I swear it made them less intense. Even if it was just a placebo effect, was worth it for me. Took them every time I breastfed for the first 3 or 4 days.
  9. Boppy Nursing Pillow with the Water-Resistant CoverThis is my favorite nursing pillow to use to make sure I’m comfortable while breastfeeding. So important to have good posture and be comfortable, especially the first few months when you’re breastfeeding constantly!
  10. Water Bottle: After giving birth I cannot get enough water! Especially at night. So important to stay hydrated, especially if you are breastfeeding. I have this water bottle and love it. It is always within arms reach of me, haha!

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