All my pregnancy favorites! Many of these are great for postpartum and not pregnant as well! All affordable and perfect for a keto, clean living friendly pregnancy.

I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant. Half way to meeting our newest little boy!

We had our 20 week ultra sound scan yesterday, and got the BEST news that he is healthy! We appreciate this news so much more since our first son was born with clubfeet. I know from experience how terrifying it is leaving the 20 week scan with bad news. Luckily, our oldest is all fixed up and it’s taught us that we can do hard things! And it’s taught us how lucky you are when you get the good news that baby is healthy! Our newest little boy doesn’t have clubfeet (which we are at a much higher risk for since we’ve already had a baby with clubfeet.) So nice to have a baby come out ready to go, and not needing additional casting and surgeries. Woo hoo!

Look at his cute little profile and footies!

After the 20 week scan is when I really start to get excited about the pregnancy. I thought I’d celebrate by sharing some of my pregnancy favorites that I’m loving so far!

Pregnancy Favorites

Watch Me Share My Pregnancy Favorites

  1. Blisslets Nausea Relief Bracelets (code TASTESLOVELY for 10% off): These bracelets have a pressure point for your wrist to relieve nausea, but are stylish and a discreet way to wear a nausea bracelet without calling attention to it. Loved these my first trimester.
  2. Go Hydrate (code TASTESLOVELY for 10% off): This is a keto friendly electrolyte drink with a clean ingredient list and Vitamin D. Like a healthier gatorade! I loved these so much to keep me hydrated those few weeks I was throwing up constantly. Plus, they’re really delicious. I’m still loving them now that the nausea is gone! Easy way to get more electrolytes in, and enjoy a tasty drink.
  3. Kindred Bravely Pocket Leggings: Excuse me for yelling, but…THESE ARE THE BEST LEGGINGS I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!! They work for maternity or not maternity! I started wearing them when I was barely showing, and now they are my hands down favorite leggings of life. They have great compression, are really thick so they don’t show any cellulite, they aren’t see-through in the back when you bend over, they have pockets (!!!) for your cell phone, the band goes all the way up to your bra line to give you a really flat stomach look but could also be folded down if you don’t want them to be so high rise, and I love that they’re cropped so they’re flattering with athletic shoes. I cannot say enough great things about these leggings! It’s what I’m wearing 95% of the time. Especially since we’re home alllll the time, haha! They’re true to size. I’m a size 10 and wear these in a large. I have 5 pairs of these I love them so so so gosh darn much!
  4. Soma Enbliss Wireless Bralette: During pregnancy, the size of my chest is insane. My boobs get huge, and they’re also really tender. This bralette is SO comfortable, and holds my growing chest in great! I’m planning wearing this all during my pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond! It fits like a sports bra, but is a thinner material that holds me in without too much compression that it’s painful. I even sleep in it! Love it so so so much. I’d say true to size. I wear an XXL. (Wearing this in black in the above photo)
  5. MegaFood Baby + Me 2 Prenatal Vitamins: This is my favorite prenatal vitamin that I use everyday. I actually have been taking this for the past 5 years every day, since it feels like I’ve always either been pregnant or breastfeeding. They’re great to take before you’re trying to get pregnant, and all during postpartum and breastfeeding. I really did my research, and this one has such high quality ingredients, and is a brand a trust. Not all vitamins are created equal! It is on the more expensive side, but you get what you pay for.
  6. 1822 Denim Sculpt Ankle Skinny Maternity Jeans: These have been the best fitting jeans I’ve found that are affordable! I tried all the ones and Target and Old Navy and hated the way they fitted. These ones are great, and won’t break the bank! I love that they go all the way up over the belly, and have a bit of stretch to them. True to size. I’m a size 10 and got these in a 30 and they fit perfectly. (Wearing these in the above photo)
  7. Ingrid + Isabel Maternity Tank TopI love this layering tank so much! I use it even when I’m not pregnant! It’s not “ruched” on the side like most maternity tanks, but just extra long with a bit of stretch. It can totally stretch over a fully pregnant belly. But when you’re not pregnant, still fits great and gives you great length! Anyone else hate crop tops? Haha! I prefer investing in maternity stuff that I can use even when not pregnant, and this is one of them! I can make most of my shirts work all through pregnancy as long as I wear this layering tank underneath! It’s true to size. I size down 1 to a size medium (I’m normally a large) so I have a snugger fit since I wear this as a layering tank! (Wearing this in black in the above photo)
  8. Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot (code 20GUTSHOT gets you 20% off): I started taking these as a way to naturally get more probiotics into my diet, great way to have better gut health and boost your immunity naturally. After taking them for 1 day, I was SHOCKED at how it completely eliminated my heartburn! When I’m pregnant, I get horrible heart burn. Taking these shots made it go away, and I’m so happy I could cry! It’s also been great at keeping my “bathroom visits” regular (we’re talking poop!). I will definitely keep using this all through pregnancy for heart burn, and know it will help a ton with those horrible post-birth poops that I DREAD! Haha! I take 2 shots a day. 1 after eating breakfast, and 1 after eating dinner. It tastes like a salty, sour pickle juice. Drinkable! But definitely something I just want to shoot back. It’s available in a ton of grocery stores (see their store locator!), or you can buy online.
  9. Pregnancy Pillow: I started using my pregnancy pillow around 6 months pregnant. I usually sleep on belly, and having this pillow makes it much easier to get comfortable.
  10. Maternity Support Belt: Around 8 months pregnant I started getting the worst sciatica! This pregnancy support belt helped distribute the weight, and helped ease some of the discomfort. So nice! I wear it OVER my leggings so I can easily adjust and it won’t scratch my skin.

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