1. I have found the best “cheapy” aviator sunglasses! Remember how my Coach sunglasses got stolen from my purse at the gym? I had to replace them, but didn’t want to shell out a bunch of money for designer sunglasses. I am obsessed with these Docker’s aviators! I used to buy these same ones at Kohl’s, but they don’t have them anymore. So glad I could find them online. I bought 5 pairs for $55, including free shipping. I have them stashed everywhere. Much better compared to over $100 for Ray Bans.

2. How cute is this video of Max I posted on Instagram? He is the master of balancing. When he sits on the bed he can just barely see out the window. So when he needs a really good look at something he stands up on his back legs. I’ve seen him stay like this for 5 minutes. So funny. And I’m kind of jealous of his perfect posture!

3. Shawn and I share a closet that has about as much hanging space as a linen closet. It’s very…cramped. I just swapped out all my winter clothes for summer clothes. I’ve been having lots of, “Oh ya, I forgot about that shirt!” every morning. I’m pretending like I’m rich and got a whole new wardrobe, even though it’s my same clothes from last year.

4. On a scale of 1-10, the satisfaction I get from “unsubscribing” to a spam email is an 11. I am the queen of it! I like my inbox neat, tidy and spam free.

5. So, I might be losing my mind.

Earlier in the week I went to the store for the ingredients for my lemon pepper chicken caesar salad. As I’m opening the can of anchovies to make the dressing, I noticed that the fish filets looked HUGE! I even said to Shawn, “Wow, I musta got some jumbo anchovies.” Then it clicked, I looked at the can and noticed it said sardines. Ugh! I bought sardines instead of anchovies. Idiot!

I run back out to the store to buy anchovies. I’m listening to my podcast and daydreaming while at the store, grab something for lunch the next day while I’m there, and race home. I open the can of what I just bought.

Then I say a bad word.

And realize I’m officially losing my mind.

I bought sardines. Again!

Why do they have to be on the same shelf right next to each other?! It’s too confusing! (It’s the grocery stores fault, not mine, right?)

If you look closely at the pictures of the dressing in that post, you may notice that there are no anchovies in that caesar dressing. Because I just refused to go to the store again. Because I knew I would screw it up again and I didn’t want to end up with a 3rd can of open sardines. 2 was enough thankyouverymuch.

And to add salt to the wound, as I typed this story out, I wrote sardines instead of anchovies in the 3rd and 4th sentence, and didn’t realize it until I proofread it. 100% true story. I fail at buying and describing all canned fish filets. Thank goodness it’s Friday.