1. We went camping in Big Sur over the weekend. Beautiful! We love camping at Fernwood Resort, and go at least once a year. A little creek runs right thru the campsite, and we call far in advance so we can book a site right next to the water.

We went up with my sister Nicole and her husband Ken, of course. When are the 4 of us not together? We spent a lot of time playing games and sitting by the fire. Another wonderful October weekend here in California!


2. I am loving that the sun is going down sooner (even though it is making food photography very difficult!). When the sun goes down by 7, it makes Shawn and I very sleepy, and we are falling asleep quite early. How beautiful was this sunset I got?

Lena Dunham Tour

3. I am obsessed with Lena Dunham. Obsessed! I’ve seen all the episodes of Girls at least twice (Shawn has too, *wink*). So when I saw that she was coming to San Francisco for her book tour, I bought tickets the minute they came out. I went with my girlfriend Logan, and we met before for dinner and drinks. Was so fun! Lena came out and read an essay from her book, then sat down for a long interview. Was like watching an episode of Inside the Actors Studio, but better, because it was with Lena Dunham.

4. We posted our newest wedding video yesterday! Each one keeps getting better and better! Shawn does such a good job editing them. Funny fact about this video – we filmed this on the HOTTEST day. Over 100 degrees. After the ceremony, I think I had little bit of heat stroke and thought I was going to throw up. I had to sit down inside in the air conditioning and chugged about 2 bottles of water.

New Welcome Picture

5. Ok friends, I need your help! I had Shawn snap a few pictures of me to update my new little picture in the top right hand picture of my blog. I’ve narrowed it down to 4 pictures, but I can’t decide which one I like best. It’s too hard of a decision! Even though they’re all so similar, they all seem so different. It reminded me of this scene from Devil Wears Prada. Since you will all be looking at it to, I thought you could help me decide by weighing in. Which do you think? #1, #2, #3 or #4? Thanks in advance loves!