1. First, thank you all so much for your input last week on when we should come home from our vacation! The response was overwhelmingly in favor of coming home a day early so we don’t risk missing the wedding we’re filming. The flights have been rescheduled, and we’re now coming home Thursday night. We even got a credit on Alaska since the Thursday flights were cheaper that we can use towards our rental car, yea!

I’m almost nervous to tell you who thought what since it was such a landside….Ok, fine! I’ll tell you! But no judging. I was the “easy-going” thinker who thought we would be fine to come home Friday night, and Shawn was the “lets not risk it” thinker who thought we should come home Thursday. Shawn had quite the big smile on his face all weekend when he would check the comments. He would casually say, “Wow Nat, everyone seems to agree with me.” I get it Shawn, you were right! But I’m still going to keep my eye on the status of that Friday night flight to see if it arrives on time, then we’ll really know who was right. *wink*

Dogs walking among yellow mustard flowers in Danville, CA

2. Spring has sprung here in the East Bay, CA! Where I live all of the hills and grassland get covered with these beautiful yellow mustard flowers. It is beautiful everywhere you look! It has made our dog walks quite cheery.

3. I just finished the thriller book The Atlantis Gene and ohmygosh did I love it! Stayed-up-late-reading it loved it. It’s an interesting take on the origins of humans and how we evolved from Neanderthals. If you loved Dan Brown books, you’ll love this. I got it on a whim because it’s free on your Kindle if you have Amazon Prime from the lending library. Imagine my excitement when I realized it’s a series!

4. I have a theory that dogs can sense that it is OK to sleep on the lady’s side of the bed, but to give the guy lots of space. Every night I wake up crowded by dogs laying in between my legs or on top of me making it impossible to move, while Shawn seems to have all the space in the world. Anybody else have that happen?

5. Ok, TV talk. We finally finished True Detective. Amazing. We started an episode on Sunday night, and they were getting so good we stayed up until almost 2am until we finished. We never do that, we have a very strict 9pm lights out bedtime (yes, that makes us sound like infants). Girls is over and I’m so sad! Until I realize that Game of Thrones starts next Sunday, then I get so excited I could squeal!