1. Nuk Sippy Cup – Josh is officially weaned and drinking cows milk! We made it a little over 13 months of exclusively breastmilk fed, which if you are a breastfeeding momma you know is a huge accomplishment! He is off bottles too (I loved Dr. Brown bottles), and drinks Organic Whole Milk in the morning and before naps and bedtime from this Nuk Sippy cup. He can hold it all by himself so easily. It is adorable. It doesn’t leak at all, which is a huge plus.
  2. Hanna Andersson Sleepers – These pajamas are so, incredibly adorable! Is there anything cuter than a baby in pajamas? It’s my favorite. They’re really high quality, made with organic cotton. I can tell they will last through lots of washes and for the next baby. They’re warm, which I love during the winter time. They are a little pricey, but I waited until they went on sale (there’s always some kind of sale, so keep an eye out), and bought 7 pairs. They’re the only pajamas Josh wears.
  3. Water Wipes – I wish I had known about these water wipes sooner! They’re just water, with a little grapefruit essential oil for smell. Great for Josh’s sensitive skin. I love the way they smell, or more accurately don’t smell. (I hate the scent of the Costco ones, and Pampers are too perfumey for me too.) And since they’re just water, I use them to wipe Josh’s face and mouth, and I don’t worry if he grabs one and chews it.
  4. Munchkin Bath Caddy – Bath time is one of my favorite times of day. Josh will take a bath for almost 30 minutes sometimes, and he has lots of toys he likes to play with in the bath. We only have the 1 bathroom, and the bottom of our bathtub was getting crazy with baby toys all over the ground. I got this caddy and it is much more organized. Plus, Josh loves putting the toys in the caddy and then taking them back out. It’s the perfect height for him to reach when he is sitting down. It’s adjustable width too, so it will fit any tub width.
  5. Munchkin Straw Cup – When Josh is eating or sitting up, he drinks his water using this Munchkin Straw cup. The Nuk Sippy Cup (#1 on this list), only works when he is laying down, so I use it for milk only. I tried every straw sippy cup I could find, and hated all of them except this Munchkin one. Some of them I couldn’t even get the water to come out of the straw! This one you don’t have to use a ton of “sucking pressure” to get the water up, and Josh figured out how to use it within a day. It also doesn’t leak when you snap the lid shut. I keep 1 at home, and 1 in my diaper bag.
  6. Munchkin Snack Catcher – Josh is a big time snacker, so I love this snack catcher. I can give it to him filled with Cheerios or crackers or pretzels, and he can reach his little hand in and grab them one at a time without them spilling all over my carpet.
  7. Touch and Feel Books – Josh loves books! His favorites are any Touch and Feel type books and Lift the Flap type books. He’s not quite in to stories yet, but loves looking and touching and lifting and pointing at things in books. I point at all the different things in the books and say the name or color or texture. I only get board books, so the pages are really strong and sturdy and Josh can turn the pages himself. Paper pages would definitely get ripped out or chewed on at this age, ha!
  8. Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor – I can’t believe I waited so long to get a video baby monitor! As soon as Josh started being able to sit up/stand up/rollover during his sleep, it has been nice having a video baby monitor to keep an eye on him. Great peace of mind while he’s napping or sleeping at night. This video monitor works perfectly even when the room is pitch black.
  9. Animal Bath Toys – Shawn is usually the one to give Josh his bath. It is daddy and son bonding time when Shawn gets home from work. It is the sweetest, and Shawn loves that it is “his” duty. While Shawn starts bath time I will clean up dinner, pick up toys, lay out jammies and his diaper, warm up his sippy cup of milk, then come in and join during the last few minutes. Josh loves playing with lots of toys during bath time, and Shawn is slowly teaching Josh his animals and colors with animal bath toys. And it’s working! Josh knows a ton of animals now. If you ask him, “Where is the cow?” He’ll point to the cow!
  10. Philips Avent Night Time Pacifier – Josh NEEDS a binkie to go to sleep and stay asleep. I seriously have 10 of these Philips Avent pacifiers sprinkled all over his crib. They also glow in the dark, so they’re easy to find in the dark. Mommy Tip: If Josh woke up in the middle of the night and his binkie wasn’t in, he would cry until I picked it up and put it back in his mouth. Not so fun doing this 2-4 times a night. So! I started putting him in his crib at bedtime and moving his arm around so his hand would touch a binkie in the bottom of his crib. Then he would pick it up himself and put it in this mouth. After doing that for about a week, he finally figured out that HE is the one to pick it up and put it in, not momma. Now when he wakes up in the night, he’ll feel around and grab it himself. No more momma getting out of bed to get it for him!
  11. Old Navy Straight-Fit Jeans for Toddlers – These are my favorite fit of jeans for Josh. They’re long enough, they have enough room to fit over his puffy cloth diaper booty, and they’re cheap! I don’t like the skinny fit jeans look for Josh. They look too tight, and they’re extra annoying taking on and off when changing diapers.
  12. Baby Trend Walker – My mom got this for Josh, and I love it! It’s small and compact, so it fits perfect in our tiny 1 bedroom house. I also love the little activity bar across it. Josh loves sliding the shapes from side to side. I put Josh in this if I need to shower and he’s awake, and also when I cook dinner. Great way to keep him contained and entertained!
  13. Mega Blocks – I was surprised that Josh liked playing with blocks already! He first got these as a 1st birthday present, and didn’t really get them yet. He would pick them up and chew on them. But I brought them out again at 14 months and he started trying to stick them together, and pulling them apart. I also got this Mega Block Table, and he’ll stand up and stack the blocks on it.
  14. Regalo Easy Walk Thru Baby Gate – Once Josh started crawling, we baby proofed everything. We put up this baby gate to keep him out of the kitchen, and it is so easy to open and close. We also got these BabyKeeps Child Safety Cabinet Locks to put on all of our cabinets and drawers in the living room and hallway. Easy enough for us adults to open, and Josh can’t figure out how to open them. Luckily we only have white and dark brown cabinets and drawers, so those 2 colors match perfectly. They’re not a huge eyesore.
  15. The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight – I tried all sorts of methods to sleep train Josh, and this gentle method worked best for me. Within 2 weeks Josh went from waking up 3-5 times a night, and drinking 2 bottles throughout the night, to sleeping 12+ hours with no bottles, and taking 2 naps a day. Amazing! We didn’t sleep train until 14 months, and the book has methods to sleep train all ages. I also really like that she gives examples of how the day schedule should look for each age with bedtime routine and naps.
  16. Bead Maze – Josh is obsessed with bead mazes! He has 2 little ones, and they’re always the first toys he reaches for out of his toy box.

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