10 Keto Chocolate Dessert Ideas – A roundup of 10 easy keto chocolate desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep it low carb. Includes cookies, brownies, ice cream, and more!

Keto Chocolate Desserts

Just because you’re eating clean keto and watching your carbs doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a delicious, chocolatey dessert or treat at the end of the day! Having a few quick and easy keto chocolate dessert recipes will allow you to enjoy a treat without any guilt. I love chocolate so much, and luckily cacao powder is very keto-friendly. I make these desserts for my kids and feel so happy giving them healthy treats that they love!

I lost 50 pounds in 6 months eating a clean keto diet, and being able to have a sweet treat every now and then made it much easier for me to stick to my weight loss goals.

Here are 10 of my favorite keto chocolate desserts and treats that I’ve made and love:

10 Keto Chocolate Dessert Ideas

  1. Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. Keto Fudgy Brownies
  3. Copycat Wendy’s Keto Chocolate Frosty
  4. Healthy Chocolate Tartlifting a slice of healthy chocolate tart
  5. Homemade Dairy-Free Fudge PopsKeto Chocolate Fudge Pops with dairy-free milk and toasted nuts
  6. Keto Chocolate Zucchini Muffins
  7. Keto Mint Chocolate Cake
  8. Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts
  9. Flourless Chocolate Almond Butter Bread
  10. Keto Salted Chocolate Brownie Cookies