An extensive Trader Joe’s Whole30 shopping list with photos of Whole30-compliant foods, pantry staples, meats, produce, grocery items, and healthy snacks. Updated as of January 2022.

Whole30 at Trader Joe’s!

Trader Joe’s is one of my absolute favorite grocery stores. It’s so much more than a market- It’s fun! Their hand-drawn pricing tags? The organic lollipops they give my 3-year-old as we shop? The super friendly workers who honestly feel like my friends, and we stop and chat and catch up when I shop because I’m there so often? Trader Joe’s is more than a grocery store, it’s a community.

The thing I love most is that they’re always thinking of new, healthy snacks at Trader Joe’s that are innovative and somehow exactly what I need! Why yes, I would love some teeny tiny avocados, how did you know Trader Joe’s? Frozen coconut chunks? Didn’t even know that was I thing but if you carry it I must need it!

The Ultimate Whole30 Shopping List

Whole30 at Trader Joe’s has never been easier, but if you’re just starting out, it can be super overwhelming to read every single label and know what is compliant and what is not. So, I’ve compiled the ultimate Whole30 shopping list for you, complete with photos of every item to make your shopping experience as easy as possible!

And by ultimate, I mean *ultimate*. I spent almost 4 hours reading the labels of every. single. item. at Trader Joe’s so you won’t have to.

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Getting Started with Whole30

Before we start, a little information. If you’re new to Whole30, I have a Whole30 beginners guide to give you an overview of the program, as well as what foods and ingredients are compliant.

Keep in mind that products at Trader Joe’s vary from season to season. For example, in the summer you’ll find peaches in stock, in the winter you’ll find spaghetti squash. I did this shopping guide in January 2022 at my Trader Joe’s in Danville, California. I will update this guide frequently to keep it up to date.

Also, this is not sponsored in any way! I just genuinely like Trader Joe’s. More like love Trader Joe’s. And you will too with the wide variety of fresh produce, prepped produce, frozen vegetables, pantry staples, nuts, salad dressings, and healthy snacks at Trader Joe’s.

Whether it’s an emergency snack, the produce section, or meal prep you’re looking for, this blog post has it all! A list of Whole30 foods to make your grocery shopping a breeze!

Trader Joe’s Shopping List for Whole30: Fresh Produce

Any fruit or vegetable! (Except corn, peas & lima beans) Organic is always best. I did take a picture of every single fruit and vegetable, but decided that was overkill to include all of those, ha! No one wants to see all the bell peppers or sweet potatoes they carry– just know that they have them!

whole30 compliant produce at Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s Whole30: Fresh Herbs

I got oh so excited when Trader Joe’s started carrying big bunches of parsley and cilantro in 2018!

fresh herbs for whole30 shopping list at Trader Joe's
  1. Parsley
  2. Cilantro
  3. Basil
  4. Sage + rosemary
  5. Thyme + dill
  6. Mint + cilantro

Trader Joe’s Whole30: Convenience Produce

Trader Joe’s has tons of prepped vegetables and fruit to save you time on meal prepping and dinner preparation. Here are all the prepped fruits and vegetables that are Whole30 compliant at Trader Joe’s.

convenience produce for shopping list for Whole30 at Trader Joe's
  1. Broccoli slaw
  2. Organic shredded coleslaw mix
  3. Shredded carrots
  4. Organic chestnuts (seasonal)
  5. Steamed + peeled baby beets
  6. Pomegranate seeds (seasonal)
more convenience produce at trader joe's
  1. Healthy 8 chopped veggie mix
  2. Shaved brussels sprouts
  3. Butternut squash zig zags
  4. Zucchini spirals
  5. Sweet potato ribbons
  6. Cut and washed organic tuscan kale
easy, already cut produce in bags at Trader Joe's
  1. Organic broccoli florets
  2. Riced cauliflower
  3. Cut butternut squash
  4. Cut spaghetti squash
  5. Butternut squash spirals
  6. Peeled garlic
photos of pre-cut produce at Trader Joe's
  1. Mirepoix
  2. Diced onions
  3. Riced vegetable medley
  4. Riced broccoli

Trader Joe’s Whole30 Shopping List: Dips, Sauces + Dressing

A great way to add more excitement to cooked meat and vegetables!

dips, sauces, and dressings for whole30 shopping list at Trader Joe's
  1. Salsa verde
  2. Hatch valley salsa
  3. Hot pico de gallo salsa
  4. Mild Homestyle salsa especial (my personal favorite)
  5. Mild pico de gallo
  6. Chunky spicy guacamole authentico
dips and sauces on whole30 shopping list at Trader Joe's
  1. Avocado’s number guacamole
  2. Avocado’s number guacamole to go
  3. Green goddess salad dressing (the only Whole30 compliant salad dressing at Trader Joe’s, in the fridge section)
  4. Marinara Sauce (the only Whole30 compliant marinara sauce at Trader Joe’s, in the fridge section)
whole30 compliant dips and salsa
  1. Olive tapenade
  2. Vegan kale cashew + basil pesto
  3. Organic tomatillo + roasted yellow chili salsa

Trader Joe’s Whole30: Refrigerated Meat + Eggs

I get my meat from ButcherBox, which is the highest quality and the best match for the Whole30 program. (Here’s why I highly recommend it.) But Trader Joe’s sells organic meats as well that would be my next best choice. As well as sausage and lunch meat that ButcherBox doesn’t carry.

whole30 compliant meat at trader joe's
  1. Organic chicken breasts
  2. Organic chicken breasts, big pack
  3. Organic whole chicken
  4. Organic oven-roasted turkey breast lunch meat
  5. Organic ground turkey
  6. Wild sockeye smoked salmon
photos of meat and eggs at trader joe's
  1. Organic ribeye steak
  2. Lamb loin chops
  3. Organic ground beef
  4. Organic top sirloin steak
  5. Organic eggs
  6. Hard-boiled peeled eggs
packaged meat and sausage at trader joe's
  1. Pork loin chop
  2. Pork tenderloin
  3. Ground pork
  4. Pork loin roast
  5. Sweet italian sausage
  6. Garlic herb chicken sausages
whole30 compliant deli meat and sausages
  1. Organic sweet Italian sausage
  2. Applegate organic hot dogs
  3. Prosciutto di parma
  4. Sliced prosciutto

Trader Joe’s Whole30: Convenience Meats

Homemade is always best, but sometimes there are those busy nights when you need a quick and convenient protein.

packaged convenience meats in the frozen section
  1. Fully cooked pork belly
  2. Turkey burgers
  3. Chile Lime Chicken Burgers
  4. Beef Sirloin Roast

Trader Joe’s Whole30: Canned Meats

Great on top of salads!

canned meats for whole30 shopping list
  1. Wild-caught sardines in olive oil
  2. Wild-caught sockeye salmon
  3. Wild Alaskan pink salmon
  4. Wild-caught anchovy filets in olive oil
  5. Premium chunk white chicken
  6. Solid white albacore tuna

Trader Joe’s Shopping List for Whole30: Frozen Meat + Seafood

I get my meat from ButcherBox, which is the highest quality and the best match for the Whole30 program. (Here’s why I highly recommend it.) But Trader Joe’s sells organic meats as well that would be my second best choice. As well as frozen seafood that ButcherBox doesn’t carry.

frozen meat and seafood for whole30 at Trader joe's
  1. Strip loin steak
  2. Ground beef
  3. Chicken breasts
  4. Chicken wings
  5. Wild-caught crab meat
  6. Wild-caught red shrimp
frozen seafood at Trader joe's
  1. Wild ahi tuna steaks
  2. Wild mahi mahi filets
  3. Wild sockeye salmon filets
  4. Wild swordfish steaks
  5. Wild alaska cod
  6. Wild jumbo sea scallops

Trader Joe’s Whole30: Frozen Fruit + Vegetables

Frozen vegetables are great in soups and casseroles! Frozen fruit is always picked and frozen at the peak of freshness. Delicious defrosted to snack on or added to salads.

whole30 approved frozen fruit
  1. Organic strawberries
  2. Organic cherries
  3. Coconut chunks
  4. Organic raspberries
  5. Peach slices
  6. Organic blueberries
frozen fruit at Trader Joe's for shopping list for whole30
  1. Organic mango
  2. Pineapple tidbits
  3. Very cherry berry blend
  4. Beet chunks
frozen vegetables that are whole30 compliant
  1. Artichoke hearts
  2. Melange a Trois
  3. Mushroom medley
  4. Chopped spinach
  5. Grilled asparagus spears
  6. Zucchini spirals
frozen vegetables for whole30 shopping list at Trader Joe's
  1. Organic delicata squash sliced and roasted
  2. Sliced leeks
  3. Brussels sprouts
  4. Grilled cauliflower

Trader Joe’s Whole30: Dried Goods + Pantry Staples

So many amazing items to stock in your pantry to enhance your meals! Also, there are many varieties of nut butter,  canned tomatoes, pickles, olives, etc. I photographed my favorites. Always be sure to read the labels!

photos of pantry staples at trader joe's
  1. Organic beef bone broth
  2. Organic chicken bone broth
  3. Organic chicken stock
  4. Sunflower seed spread
  5. Creamy almond butter (peanut butter is not compliant, but this almond butter is soooo good!)
  6. Mixed nut butter
whole30 pantry staples at trader joes
  1. Organic unsweetened apple sauce
  2. Big + chunky apples
  3. Peach halves in grape juice
  4. Pear halves in grape juice
  5. Organic canned pumpkin
  6. Organic canned butternut squash
canned pickles and olives at trader Joe's
  1. Kosher dill pickles
  2. Pitted black olives
  3. Pitted green olives
  4. Pitted greek kalamata olives
  5. Pitted kalamata olives in olive oil
  6. Capers
more whole30 compliant pantry staples at trader joe's
  1. Caperberries
  2. Organic canned tomato sauce
  3. Organic diced tomatoes in juice
  4. Tomato paste in a tube
  5. Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil
  6. Sun-dried tomatoes
whole30 compliant pantry staples at trader joe's
  1. Marinated cherry tomatoes
  2. Marinated Mediterranean vegetables
  3. Pickled vegetables
  4. Fire-roasted red and yellow peppers
  5. Green jackfruit
  6. Fire-roasted diced green chiles
photos of whole30 compliant pantry staples at trader joe's
  1. Organic coconut milk
  2. Organic coconut cream
  3. Organic coconut aminos
  4. Minced garlic
baking  staples that are whole30 compliant at trader joe's
  1. Almond flour
  2. Almond meal
  3. Nutritional yeast
  4. Organic chia seeds

Trader Joe’s Whole30: Dried Herbs & Spices

All dried herbs except Chile Lime which has sugar, and also avoid the vanilla flavor and get the pure vanilla extract.

herbs and spices that are whole30 compliant at trader joe's

Trader Joe’s Whole30 Shopping List: Condiments, Oil + Vinegar

Use in sauces, dressings, and dinner recipes. There are also many compliant olive oils and balsamic vinegar, I photographed my favorites. Always read your labels! Note, all of Trader Joe’s mustards, ketchup and mayonnaise are NOT Whole30 compliant.

condiments that are whole30 approved
  1. Organic tahini
  2. Fish sauce
  3. Yuzu hot sauce
  4. Sauerkraut
  5. Horseradish
oil and vinegar found at Trader joe's that are whole30 compliant
  1. Organic apple cider vinegar
  2. Red wine vinegar
  3. Rice wine vinegar
  4. Balsamic vinegar of modena
  5. Toasted sesame seed oil
  6. Ghee
trader joe's oils
  1. Organic extra virgin olive oil
  2. Avocado oil
  3. Organic virgin coconut oil
  4. Organic triple filtered refined coconut oil

Trader Joe’s Shopping List for Whole30: Dried Fruit

Tons of dried fruit. Don’t go crazy on this. Whole fruit is better than dried. 

dried fruit found at trader joe's
  1. Organic mango
  2. Just mango slices
  3. Dried pineapple rings
  4. Dried flattened banana
  5. Dried white peaches
  6. Dried pear slices
more dried fruit found at trader joe's that is whole30 compliant
  1. Dried apricots
  2. Organic raisins
  3. Organic golden raisins
  4. Medjool dates
  5. Jumbo raisin medley
  6. Calimyrna figs
dried fruit for whole30 shopping list
  1. Freeze-dried strawberries, mango, and fuji apple
  2. Freeze-dried raspberries, blueberries, Honeycrisp apple, and banana
  3. Dried baby bananas
  4. Organic unsweetened coconut chips
  5. Organic unsweetened flake coconut
  6. Black mission figs

Trader Joe’s Whole30: Nuts + Seeds

So! Many! Nuts! There are tons to choose from. I photographed my favorites. Be sure to always read your label to avoid sugar/bad oils/butter/etc.

photos of bags of nuts and seeds
  1. Pretty much all these nuts
  2. Raw almonds
  3. Unsalted dry toasted slivered almonds
  4. Dry toasted pine nuts
  5. Raw pecan pieces
  6. Raw pecan halves
nuts and seeds found at trader joe's
  1. Organic raw almonds
  2. Walnut halves
  3. Roasted and salted pumpkin seeds
  4. Unsalted dry toasted sliced almonds
  5. Roasted and salted sunflower seeds
  6. Seedy almond salad topper

Trader Joe’s Whole30 Shopping List: Beverages

Some delicious drinks to enjoy along with plenty of water!

whole30 beverages for trader joe's shopping list
  1. Any whole bean or ground coffee
  2. Any tea bag
  3. Tejava black tea
  4. Sparkling mineral water
more photos of whole30 beverages
  1. Organic cold brew coffee
  2. Spindrift
  3. Kettle brewed unsweetened black tea
  4. Kettle brewed unsweetened green & white tea with a hint of mint

Trader Joe’s Whole30: On The Go Healthy Snacks

Go easy on most of these. Snacking on whole fruits and vegetables is best. But there are tons of convenience items and healthy snacks at Trader Joe’s that are great for on-the-go!

healthy snacks at trader joe's
  1. Just a handful of olives pitted salted manzanilla olives
  2. Organic apple fruit sauce crushers (there are several flavors)
  3. Epic bars
  4. Cashew apricot date & nut bites with coconut & citrus
  5. Larabar cashew cookie
  6. Lara bars cherry pie
whole30 compliant healthy snacks
  1. Larabar apple pie
  2. Apple + banana fruit bar
  3. Apple + mango fruit bar
  4. Apple + coconut fruit bar
  5. Apple + strawberry fruit bar
healthy snacks at trader joe's for whole30 shopping list
  1. RX Bars mixed berry
  2. RS Bar blueberry
  3. RX Bar chocolate sea salt

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